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Andrea, I was just coming here to post this very thing. LOL Great minds things alike. I'm so excited. I actually have it on our itinerary to head to DTD to pick up a selection of Babycakes stuff after we check in to AoA (I want to wait until we have our dining credits) though I'm hoping that maybe a chef will just arrange for a selection to be at the resort every day as that's really the only reason we'd be going to DTD. If they already have stuff being sent to AoA then knowing past history of what chefs have done for us, they might just order some extras when they know we're coming since I'll be making it clear that we'll be eating at least one meal per day there, some days 2. If they have things like their cinnamon buns then we might also do additional snacks from the food court. I love my Babycakes!


expert on dietary needs and disney dining
Another reason to be excited about AoA. Babycakes just responded to me that the only resort they're currently doing a regular delivery to is AoA. You can order cakes elsewhere but they'll be sending stuff daily to AoA.


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Don't know if I'm missing it somewhere (probably am, so apologies...) but what size bed is in the 'master bedroom' in the AoA suites?


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Cool thanks... I just realized I could have looked it up on the booking sight... This forum is my new google ;)
Thank you!


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Alright, this might be an obvious question, but are all the rooms going to be family suites? Are they going to have just standard hotel rooms in all the sections?


Not in all the sections: little mermaid will be 100% standard rooms. The rest of the sections (Nemo, Cars and Lion King) will all be family suites.


expert on dietary needs and disney dining
I know that there's at least one other person with allergies following this thread, possibly more of you, so I figured I'd share the following.

I just spoke with one of my favourite chefs, Chef Dan, who has helped us with allergy dining several times at Pop Century. I was so excited when I heard him say his name because he's always been so wonderful to us. Anyway, here's the summary of our conversation regarding AoA.

The tandoori station is all off limits to us because they use yogurt in the marinade plus the oven they use is a dedicated tandoori oven where the risk of cross contamination is high.

His waffles are a mixture of the Namaste and Bob's Red Mill mixes with some oil, rice milk (Pacific brand) and sugar added.

He's going to look at the salad dressings that he's got and maybe even make up something just for me since I do like the salad station and will likely order it a couple times if there's a good dressing. I think he said it's the same station where they have the build your own yogurt bar in the morning. He was thinking out loud about cross contamination with the fruit (my kids can't have citrus) so I suspect that the fruit toppings in the morning are in the same place that the veggies are kept at lunch and dinner. I'm trusting them to do a thorough cleaning while swapping them.

They do have rice pasta available for the make your own pasta station. The marinara sauce is free of all of our allergens (including gluten, milk, eggs, nuts) plus he's going to see what he can do for maybe some kind of alfredo or cheesy sauce using rice milk and mozzerella soy cheese.

The only gluten free pizzas he has are Amy's and frankly he isn't happy about that but it's what he's got.

The soy milk is the Kikomann Pearl but he said he'd try to get something else in for us because when we're at WDW, DD14 typically drinks soy milk with most meals but the Kikomann contains gluten.

He did say that the Babycakes stuff sells really fast. I'll have to keep an eye on that. Hopefully when we go down for dinner (which will be most days we're there) there'll still be some left.

He said he'll be giving me another call in a few weeks when he's had a chance to do look at what he can get in and what he's got available and we'll go over our options in more depth. I'm so excited!!!


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Trudy, I'm so impressed with the way Disney can adapt for allergies. And you are so good at finding out all you need to know and sharing it. You are another great advocate for special needs. So happy for you that Disney is going to make things work for your family and you : )

Disney Parks Blog has more pics up today of the Cars Land.