Artist's Point - 9/19/13


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I know there is already an AP review out there, but our experience was so different that I thought I'd post my own review.

We were able to leave our boys at the Cubs' Den, so this was our one and only "adults only" meal. That alone made it wonderful. :RpS_wink:

Our server, Donald, was a hoot and quite helpful and friendly. We ate there last year and I recall thinking our server was not very personable.

My husband started with the smoky portobello soup and I had the heirloom tomato salad. The smell of his soup was divine and very smokey. He said it was excellent and couldn't understand how they got that lovely smokey taste in it. My salad was likewise excellent. A long strip of mozzarella and several different types of tomatoes cut up and arranged with drizzles of oil and vinaigrette. One piece of tomato was a bit soft but it still tasted delicious.

For entrees, I got the cedar planked salmon since I had the scallops last year. My husband got the filet, but instead of roasted root vegetables the kitchen was able to substitute roasted potatoes and broccoli.

My salmon was perfect. Beautiful presentation and just flakey, flavorful and lovely. It was served over rainbow cauliflower and spinach, with a short-rib strudel on the side, which was like a spring roll with shredded beef. It was delicious and I was not expecting to like it. My husband said that his steak was excellent, and let me have a taste. It was cooked to medium, which is normally too underdone for me, but he gave me a bit from the edge, and although pink, it wasn't too pink and it really was very tender and tasty.

For dessert, I had the creme brulee, which is always my favorite and my husband had the berry cobbler and loved it. We also had a Grand Marnier Flight - three tastings of GM. Normal, 100yr and 150yr. We are big Grand Marnier lovers but have never bought the pricier bottles and somehow never think about it when out at nice restaurants. The flight was great. You really can taste the difference, and the pours were generous and more than enough to get me a little tipsy (on top of two glasses of wine and nutty Irishman coffee ;) ) and I'm really glad we tried it.

I have not yet downloaded the pictures from my phone, but when I do, I will add them in!

We definitely preferred this meal to the one we had at Narcoosee's the previous Saturday, which felt rushed, with a not as nice server and food that was good but not great. Much preferred the quiet atmosphere of AP as well.

Anyway, hope this helps someone!
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Thanks for the review and looking forward to pictures! We have our first ADR here in a month!


I've got to get back there. We haven't been there for more than 10 years! But we loved our visit there then.


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We've had the most consistently great meals at Artist Point. As with all of our favorite Disney places, we'll have a not-so-great meal once in a great while. This one hits the mark the greatest percentage of times, both in terms of food and service. I'm partial to the decor and setting as well; nicely themed without going overboard. An added bonus is outside dining on the covered terrace, which is decidedly more casual (tables are high-top, but still on the formal side) but very pleasant when the temperatures and humidity cooperate.


I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed AP. We ate there for our 30th anniversary last year, and I can't say enough about how wonderful everything was there.


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This was where my wife choose to eat for our 11 year anniversary and (like most things) she was correct. We throughly enjoyed ourselves.


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I'm afraid my pictures don't do the meal justice - and I am irritated that apparently I didn't photograph the dessert and Grand Marnier flight - but they are posted.