August/September 2016 MM share available?


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Hi! I'm looking for anyone that has room in a share or would like to join in on one. Our dates are 8/26-9/4/16. I can't believe for all the planning and research that I've done that I didn't know sharing was a thing and I hope I'm not too late to the party!


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I'd be interested, My dates are 8/24-9/2. Let's see if we can get a few others, if not, worse case scenario, we split it 50/50.


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We had a full share, but only two people have paid. Therefore, if your days fall somewhere between September 3 and October 10, you're welcome to join us. Please let me know!


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Hey rev02a...Any chance you still have room for one more person....We will be there just for September 18th Halloween Party...any help would be appreciated...thanks