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We just returned from a week long stay at BLT in a two bedroom lakeview villa. We do own at BLT and this is our second stay, our first being in June of 2010. Our first trip we weren't crazy about the resort. It felt like a condo to us rather than like a Disney resort, so we stuck with the BC and VWL for the last few trips.

This trip I decided we needed to give it another try and I am so glad we did. We loved it there! The beds are the most comfortable I have found in Disney, DH and I both slept really well the entire time. I love the lake view (actually prefer it to the MK view, I know I am wierd). We enjoyed watching the sun come up over the lake each morning. We used the monorail a lot for dining and walked to the MK every time. We were on the 8th floor and didn't feel like the walk to the CR was all that bad. The kids really enjoyed the pool, especially the 8 year old who went down the slide at least one hundred times.

We did not see a lot of wear and tear on the room, the master bath is wonderful and having three bathrooms worked out really well. There were some things missing from the kitchen, which was kind of a pain (most importantly, a corkscrew and measuring cups!), but overall we felt the rooms were in good shape.

The gym is kind of a problem, seriously you have to be 5 foot tall or less to be comfortable in there! I can't comment on the busing because we rented a car this trip so we never used the buses, but we never waited long at all for a monorail. Being able to walk back to the resort after Wishes was a lifesaver, I always dreaded heading out with that mass of humanity and trying to squeeze on to a bus or boat. I wouldn't hesitate to return, it was a great trip!


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I'm looking forward to my first stay at BLT in November. Thanks for the review!


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The gym is kind of a problem, seriously you have to be 5 foot tall or less to be comfortable in there!
LOL! That is so true, plus it is almost like they are hiding it. Definately not one of the best gym's I have been in but certainly not the worst either.

Thanks for the review, I always love reading what everyone things of all the resorts. We also own at BLT and we just love it. Yes it has a very condo feel to it, but we think that the style is very well done there so we don't mind it even if it isn't our taste. Top of the World is the best and you can't beat the walk to the MK. We try switch up the resorts we stay at but are perfectly happy staying here if we have too. :RpS_wink:

Thanks for sharing your review. Glad your trip was great!!
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I think what it came down to for us is that it truly is the most comfortable and convenient of the villa resorts. The beds, the layout, the extra bathroom, the transportation options, overall it is a great resort. You could easily stay there without a car, I don't know you could say that about SSR or OKW for example.


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Thanks so much for the review. We're staying there for the first time in October and I couldn't be more excited!