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I know August is a long way off and things could change in terms of RoTR and FP+. But, assuming things stay the same and we need to arrive early to get a BG, what is the best way to travel from BCV to HS in the morning? How early and reliable are the boats? Are we better off walking or driving than taking the boats to be sure we get there with enough time?

What about the Skyliner? I know it's not direct, but looking online, it seems it would take about 20 minutes to travel from the IG to HS, which is roughly the same as walking from BCV to HS, correct? Just thinking through all of our options.
I don't know how quick the Skyliner would be but based on our experience walking would be the quickest unless you had perfect timing with the boats. The boats run early enough so you should be able to take them and get there in plenty of time but walking would definitely be the safest bet.


The issue with the Skyliner (if the scheduled operating hours have it running in time) is that from Epcot you have to transfer at the CBR station. It is not a long ride but if there are lines you could be backed up at the stations.

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Good to know about the Skyliner. I was looking up information about it after I posted and realized we'd have to transfer.

Thanks everyone! I assumed walking would be our best bet, so that's what I'll plan for that morning. Unless, of course, between now and August, RoTR gets a FP+ option...


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I would walk unless something changes with the opening times by then and the Skyliner is for sure open at that time ... but even then it wouldn't be quicker, just save you some walking.