Beach Club March 2016

To be honest, I am too lazy to make a full TR, but Josh and others here have helped me so much that I figured I would at least put out a resort review. I apologize for how late this is, although I hope it still might be helpful.

Location: We thought that BC's location is possibly the best in all of WDW. The ability to walk to EP in less than 5 minutes and to HS in 15-20 minutes is unparalleled. The location helps especially after fireworks since you are in bed before most people get on a bus. The only con to this is that the fireworks, especially Illuminations, can be quite loud. While it didn't bother us, those who go to bed early or those with small kids might be bothered. Our room was closer to the EP side so it might be quieter in other parts. We also liked the crescent lake resort area as well. Many nights we took a stroll around and to the Boardwalk. So peaceful and relaxing, especially on early mornings.

I had heard warnings that the resort was sprawled out and huge, and it wasn't that bad. It was certainly a 2-3 minute walk, although we were a lot closer to EP so it was a nice trade-off. When we entered our room, we were pleasantly surprised. I had seen pictures of the new refurb, but in real life it looked so much better. Clean, light, airy, and fits the theme perfectly. Our room was located on the first floor by the small pool. This was amazing luck, as we could literally walk out to the pool from our porch. While we weren't as close to storm along bay, we had laundry and a solid hot tub steps away. One piece of advice is that many of the rooms are different sizes since they are on corners or other weird parts. We were on a corner, so we had a slightly smaller room w/o a couch. Since there were only two of us, it didn't matter, although if you had a group of 5, you might want to be aware of that. We didn't have any noise issues, although again we were tucked back in the resort so it was a little quieter.

It was in the 60's the whole time so we didn't spend too much time at SAB or the quiet pool, although they were both quite nice. SAB is a full-on waterpark. Coolest resort pool we had ever seen! The sand beach was great, as well as the lazy river. I was also excited about the slide, hearing that it was really cool, although it is located across the busy sidewalk, a bit of a walk away, especially when you are soaking wet and cold.

Food: We ate most of our breakfasts at the Marketplace and also had a meal or two at Beaches and Cream. The Marketplace was fine, nothing special. It was good, although pretty standard in terms of choices. We usually had our breakfasts in the solarium, a cute little room full of windows. During our stay, we also had a meal at Beaches. We loved it, although it is really small. We didn't have reservations so we were seated at the bar, although it was quite entertaining since we could see all the Kitchen Sinks being made. Food was great-diner food. Grilled Cheese was out of this world! We had ice cream here multiple nights as well, and that was good, although nothing amazing, standard Edy's.

Transportation: As I mentioned above, walking to EP and HS could not be easier. The bus transportation, however, was sub-par. The real problem was MK transportation. To and from the park were both equally bad. We probably just caught it on an unlucky week, as AK and other parks transpo was plentiful.

One thing that I didn't mention was the beauty of the resort. It is so quaint and cute, and it transports you away from a theme park in florida. Also, the smell in the lobby cannot be beat. They need to sell candles!

Overall, BC exceeded our expectations and we would definitely stay there, or at least in the Crescent lake area, again. We had a great time and I hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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So great to hear how much you enjoyed the resort. I've been watching videos all day today, kinda wavering on which resort I want to choose for our next trip. Beach Club looks wonderful!


Y&BC are great. I was there 8 years ago but it seems like it's kept itself up nicely. Thanks for the review!


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Thanks for the review! We will be staying there for the first time in January. We have loved our stays at the Boardwalk, so we'll see if this is similar.