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I am helping a friend plan a family trip to Disney World. His daughter is turning 5 on December 9, and they had planned to be there around that time so she could celebrate her birthday there. HOWEVER, Disney just announced that Rise of the Resistance will be opening on December 5. They likely wouldn't be going to Hollywood Studios at all, and certainly wouldn't be doing Star Wars stuff. But how will the crowds in the other parks be in the weeks immediately following Rise's opening? Is it worth it to shift the whole trip so there gone before the 5th? Or is that generally a low-enough time of year (YourFirstVisit has it ranked as the 2nd-best week, though this was before the Rise announcement) that the benefit of a Disney birthday celebration is worth the extra crowds?


I don't think it will affect crowds very much -- and I do see that December 1-7 is NOT included in the free dining offer released today, but December 8-23 is included. So that may be a sign that bookings are up for that first week in December, which is the week after Thanksgiving. Looking back at historical free dining offers, though, that first week of December is usually blacked out, so that may not say anything in particular about 2019.
as an aside, I find it interesting that you can arrive the weekend before Thanksgiving, stay the week, and get free dining, but if you arrive the weekend after Thanksgiving, free dining is not available. Maybe rack rates are so high Thanksgiving week they don't really care that much. This is also true for Christmas week.
At any rate, the fact that free dining was released this late and includes December 8-23 is at least not a bad sign for crowds. Conventional wisdom was that they expected Galaxy's Edge to increase crowds enough that they would not need or offer free dining for the fall after the initial offer, released way back in January, only included the summer. Most years free dining is required to be booked by mid-July; now they are releasing it in mid-July and allowing booking through September.

There's also no guarantee that the resort discount people have been talking to the DHS people and factored anything about Rise into the available dates.

All that to say: I wouldn't let Rise opening affect a decision about when to go at all if you're not going to DHS.


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I'll be there Dec 9th - 14th and I hope that RotR doesn't make the crowds any worse then they may already be. We typically like this time in December and its never been too insane for us. I'll get to see SWGE before December so I may send DH to see it alone one morning and take DD to something else less insane.


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I believe the first week of December is also Pop Warner week. While it won't affect overall crowds much, it will impact Value resort availability. If they are going to stay at a Value they may be better off the next week as the dining, common areas and pool can get overrun. Maybe one or two of the moderates as well, I forget. Otherwise it's not an issue.


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I feel like a lot of people were waiting for both rides to be open before making a big trip to visit GE. Their may be an uptick at Christmas now, but I imagine people will start to plan spring break and summer vacations now. I think they’ll be okay.