Best Days/Shortest Wait Times at HS and Epcot in Feb


Wake me up at the end of the meal
I know that Josh no longer posts crowd calendars and that following a good touring plan is the best option. However, I noticed in some of his most recent posts that he posted shortest/longest wait times for certain days of the week at both AK and MK. I did not see anything for Epcot and HS.

We will be going the first week of February and my dining window will be opening up August 5th. I would like to plan meals for the parks we will be at. I also don’t believe the EMH schedule will be posted for the first week in February when my dining window opens up. Are there any better or worse days for either of those two parks? Josh has indicated MK is the busiest on Saturdays, and the end of the week at AK is busiest.

Thanks for any suggestions.