Best laid plans....


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Rope dropping Hollywood studios doesn’t matter if both slinky dog and tower of terror are down!!! Times at every other ride jumped so fast, only rode toy story mania, walked pretty much straight on but Rnr was at 105 minutes by the time we got there at 9:25ish Oh well, just some bad luck, hopefully the rest of the trip goes like yesterday did. Riding star tours and park hopping out of here.



Boo.... We did EMH at AK in May. Was there at 7 with one priority- Navi. Guess what ride was broken down all day? you guessed it. Luckily, AK is a great park to meander around before its official open...


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Same exact thing happened when we showed up a week or so ago, only we did EMM. ToT I can sort of forgive them on, it's old and in the middle of a refurb as it is. I'm sure under normal circumstances they've have shut the entire ride down to rehab it but they are trying to operate it and fix it and that is just tough. Slinky though, that really shouldn't have as many issues as it does. I guess these rides just weren't meant to opereate all the hours they try to run them