Best pool at close off-site hotel?


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Looking for recommendations for an off-stie hotel to stay at the day before and the day after our reservation at POR. We will want to relax and use the pool these days so we are wanting a hotel with a great pool facility, but also need it to be close to WDW so we can hit the park early that next morning. TIA.


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Bonnet Creek.

Haven't stayed there myself but you can't get much closer to Disney- very close to POR as well-and I believe the pool has a lazy river.


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Love Bonnet Creek, 5 different pools each has either a water slide or lazy river plus there is a mini golf course.


If you're just doing single unconnected nights, Wyndham Bonnet Creek as a timeshare might be overkill. However, the Hilton is right there as well and the pool is very nice. I haven't stayed at the other hotels in that complex so I can't tell you about the pools, but the location is great.


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I was thinking Gaylord Palms also, that place is pretty cool.

It also depends on your budget, are you thinking of a price range you're wanting to stay within?


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I've stayed at Gaylord Palms for a convention. It is cool. We've also stayed at Wyndam Bonnet Creek and Hilton Bonnet Creek. For a one night reservation, I'd go with the Hilton. It has a nice pool area with a lazy river.


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I always thought the pool at Caribe Royale looked beautiful. There is a waterslide, waterfall, whirlpools and kids play area. They have one day sales every Wednesday. Rooms are suites with separate bedroom with two queens.
If you have little ones who love water but aren't good swimmers yet, Gaylord Palms is really good. They have a cute little water park that has lots of spraying and slides without deep water. Plus there's a lot to do and look at inside the hotel.