Best Time to Book Flights to London??


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I am just dreaming at this point. But many realities start with a dream!

DD decided to take a year off before starting college. She calls it a gap year. But I will soon be an empty nester. I love cruises as much (or maybe more) than WDW. So I was looking into a solo cruise. Problem is, I just love love love a balcony. It is about the best part of the cruise. Most of the time if you cruise alone, it seems you pay your fare and the single supplement which often doubles the cost. Royal Caribbean's Anthem of the Seas has a solo balcony cabin and you don't have to pay a solo supplement. So for the same cost as a balcony for one week on Harmony of the Seas (visiting the same ports I have visited at least once), I could take a 14 day cruise from Southampton. How wonderful I thought! Then I looked at the air fare.

I am looking at air fare for June 2020. Will the price drop at all, or does it just keep increasing?


Google Flights and Hopper are some options for trying to find a decent price.
Pick the flights on Google and it will generally let you know if that is a good price, regular price, or a high price for that ticket.
You can also pick the flights and track them yourself. Google will let you know when the prices goes up or down from when you originally looked.
The Hopper app will do the same thing and lets you know if it thinks the price might go down or if you should buy now.


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You might look at cheap flights to Ireland and/or Scotland. We flew Norwegian to Edinburgh this past February which were $689 for two of us. That was with no checked baggage and no food, but you can bring your own food on. It's cheap to fly within Europe once you're there. Or if you fly to Edinburgh or anywhere else in England you could take the train to where the cruise starts.