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My husband and I recently returned from a stay in the Boardwalk Inn's Garden Cottage rooms. These rooms are very cute and spacious, but a little odd in that only 2 people can stay in them. There is a kitchenette, bathroom, and living room downstairs with a desk and large couch that holds a pull out bed. The upstairs has a king size bed and large bathroom area that includes double sinks, a large tub, a separate nice size shower, and toilet. There are TVs both upstairs and downstairs and robes and slippers in the closet. Along with regular housekeeper, there is nightly turndown service. Besides the chocolates, they leave a flyer that shows any plans you have booked the next day including dining reservations and FastPasses. Finding the room the first time was kind of difficult. Boardwalk needs better signage, but after that we were fine.

Access to the club level lounge is included with these rooms. Our room was farthest from the elevator, but next to a stairway and the lounge was on the 4th floor. This wasn't a problem for us, but could be for others. We did online check-in, so just got a text that our room was ready, but it would have been nice to get a text at least saying where the lounge was located. I ended up calling from the room and asking. It was also annoying on our last day when the battery went out on the MagicBand reader on the door to the 4th floor and we had to walk back down and around, but once we figured out that was the problem, we took another set of stairs nearby. We really enjoyed the club level offerings. There was a hot option at breakfast each day (ex. frittata, quiche, scrambled eggs) along with the oatmeal, pastries, fruit etc; mid day had some sort of small sandwich option (ex. pork bao buns, Italian meat sandwiches) along with raw vegetables with dips, cheeses, and pretzels and trail mix; evening had a chef plating 2 different items (ex. scallops, macaroni with meatballs, steak salad) along with the bread, pasta salad, quinoa salad, raw vegetables, and cheeses; we weren't impressed with the food option at dessert, but the drink options on the other hand were great with bottles of 12 year of Glenfiddich and Grey Goose sitting out to pour as much as you wanted.

As this was an adults trip with 2 other couples, this room worked great for us. We used the living room as our chill out/visiting spot for everyone. It was plenty big enough for 6 adults to visit comfortably. It was a more laid back trip, so we also had time to take advantage of the club level access. We didn't hit every service, every day, but also didn't feel we needed to. We love the location of Boardwalk Inn and it made it easy to hit our room and the club lounge between parks. We scored an annual passholder discount, so we ended paying ~$100 more/night than a regular room and feel that it was worth it. If you are looking for a splurge for a special trip, I would look at these rooms.


Are these the rooms near the BWI quiet pool, with the front lawns and mailboxes?
Yes, they are. They have a little garden out front. The location is pretty nice because even when the Boardwalk is hopping on a Friday or Saturday evening, it is really quiet and peaceful over there.
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that's a shame
Yes, they are. They have a little garden out front. The location is pretty nice because even when the Boardwalk is hopping on a Friday or Saturday evening, it is really quiet and peaceful over there.
Is there an inside hallway to these rooms, or do you have to walk outside to get to them? I could never figure that out.


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We were upgraded to one for our anniversary one year. They are large for just 2 people. They used to allow more but changed several years ago. Now they are designed as their "honeymoon" cottages. Their isolation is both a negative and a positive. We loved our stay in one but BWI is our 2nd home (we almost always stay CL at BWI on our Disney trips) and we knew the layout and location for everything well before our stay in one. It never dawned on me that it could be an issue but totally makes sense now that you mention it.

For those that don't know, 2 of them have a balcony instead of the porch/courtyard thing. We stayed in them multiple times now but so far, only in the ones with the courtyard.