Boardwalk vs. Beach Club Villas


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We're trying to decide between a room at BWI (not the villas) and BCV (studio). I would definitely pick BC if there were rooms available in the main resort but for the week we want we can only get a room in the villas. I was wondering if anyone had experience with both locations and could offer advice. If we stayed at BWI, we would get a garden view. Our #1 priority is ease of walking to EC and HS. We wouldn't really use the kitchenette that is part of the villas, so that isn't much of a draw. My main concern with BCV is that it seems far away from the main pool, food, the walkway to HS, etc. For walking to EC, it doesn't seem like a problem. Thanks!


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Noting is close to everything. If you are going to spend about the same amount of time at Epcot and Studios, you'll do the same amount of walking from either. That is, unless you take Skyliner, in which case BCV has an advantage being closer to both EP and the Skyliner station.

I didn't find BCV's location to be awkward from the rest of the BC amenities. There's a walkway through the main building that is pretty quick. I've only stayed at BWV, not BWI, but it was a pool/garden view, so similar. The drag of BCV for me is that none of the rooms have much of a view.

The biggest consideration for me is bed configuration. For a couple, I like the DVC studios b/c they are more functional in terms of seating. If you need two sleeping surfaces, you might want two real beds.

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We've stayed at both. BWI garden view rooms face the courtyards near the BWI quiet pool. A few face the village green (the turf area between BWI and BWV). BCV views are of the woods or BWV quiet pool.

Walking--BCV is really close to Epcot (about 2 minutes from the BC quiet pool), but longer to DHS. BWI--easy walk to Epcot (5? minutes), depending on your pace 10-15 to DHS.

Pools--we tend to use the pool which is most convenient, so at BCV we used the BCV quiet pool more than SAB; at BWI we really like the quiet pool. It's rarely crowded/busy, much more relaxing than the main pool.