BOG Breakfast Question


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If I book a BOG reservation for 8 AM, with an 8 AM opening, will we be let in early with the rest of the breakfast crowd (7 AM?), or will they make us wait until all guests are let in? Thanks for your help!


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Usually when park opens at 8 am there are no "7 am breakfast crowds" because ADRs start at 8 am even when park open is 8 am

But with the changes for GE opening after 8/29 BoG starts having 7:30 am ADRs, however EMH start at 7 am on those days so there is still no PPO breakfast guests getting in earlier than everyone else.

If this is a day after 8/29
Are you eligible for EMH?
I would think they would only let you in before 8 am if eligible for EMH, regardless of ADR time

Before GE opens the first ADRs are 8:00 am and if park open is 8 am there is no advantage to BoG breakfast and no extra special early entry for 8 am ADRs, you enter Main Street at 7:45 with everyone else.

After GE opens with EMH starting at 7 am a BoG breakfast won't be an advantage then either.


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Thank you so much! I had totally forgotten about the changes tied to GE opening. This is for 9/14, so it is after GE opening. I am eligible for EMH so I will be able to get in at 7. What I was truly hoping for was a "less crowded" HUB area for pictures for my daughter's first birthday. But with the GE-related changes, and not having the pre-opening breakfast access, that may not be possible this time around. Will just have to hope to avoid getting random people in the picture - maybe I'll have some luck if I show up as early as possible for EMH.