Bonnet Creek - how is the bus transport to/from Parks?


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Though we have stayed at this resort several times over the years, we have never depended upon their bus service. Since we plan to stay here this November, I'd like to hear comments about how well (or not) their service works. We will have a rental car but would rather not drive/pay/park every day.

Is the schedule frequent enough? :RpS_huh:

Do that have specific buses for each park or does each bus stop at every park (please DON'T let that be the case)? :RpS_crying:

What arrangements can be made if you wish to attend early EMH or stay for evening EMH? :eyebrows:

Do they accommodate "early" ADRs for Segway tours or Character breakfasts such as the Disney resorts? :juggle:

Thanks for any assistance! :help:


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If I recall, they run approximately every half hour, with an afternoon suspension (or, at least, a less-frequent schedule). MK and EP are a single shared route, as is AK/DS. DTD only runs in the late afternoon/evening. From memory, you probably would not make an early ADR, and you would not make something like the Steam Train Tour or the first Segway.

We will have a rental car but would rather not drive/pay/park every day.
Personally, I would drive to any rope drop. The $14 is worth knowing that everything will work out. Taking the bus from time to time in the evenings (especially if you're having cocktails in Epcot) doesn't sound like a bad idea.


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Nice to see you 'over here' bnoble. I have been visiting this site for a while but hadn't joined the forums. Always good to 'see' a familiar WDW friend. Thanks for the advice!


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We've taken the buses, and they were good. We prefer driving (even when we're staying on site), but the Wyndham Bonnet Creek buses have much better schedules than most. It seems like they might have even run every 20 minutes during prime times, but I can't remember. They'll have a schedule at check-in.

As Brian said, they have two routes. Note that the MK/Epcot bus drops you off at the T&TC. (Only Disney buses drop you off directly at MK.) I can't remember if it went on to Epcot (which I think it did) or if you took the Monorail.


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The only time I didn't use the Bonnet Creek bus on my last trip was coming back from MNSSHP. Due to the hour, we just got a cab back. I have the same plan for MVMCP this year.


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Does Bonnet Creek have access to EMHs? I thought that the only non-Disney resorts that do are Swan and Dolphin? This would be good information to know!!


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If anyone wants a schedule, send me a PM. I have a connection with Mear's and get it emailed to me (PDF). That said, I prefer a car, but have access to the bus schedule.