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The whole town is taken over. We start at dawn and finish 1pm ish and have never managed to see it all in one day! They do it in May and October, but I've only gone in October. We get 75% of our Christmas shopping knocked out in one day.

Here are some pics from 2010. It's very crowded, but is uber fun!



I wasn't sure what to call the list for this email. I almost expanded it into 3 top rides at each park, but I would be duplicating a lot of the previous rides. But that means Kilimanjaro Safaris did not make any of the lists. I think I'm going to fit it in next week somehow.

3 Weeks Until....
Just three short weeks until we arrive at Walt Disney World! If you are like me, then you've already started packing. When packing please remember to bring your bathing suit, pools at Disney are heated year round, but the weather should be nice for swimming anyway. This week's countdown list features rides I'm looking forward to, but that did not make the previous classic rides list or thrill rides list.

3 of the Most Popular Rides

1. Star Tours
Located in Hollywood Studios.
Star Tours will be brand new to all of us. This ride has been completely updated!. New 3D film and new storyline.

2. Toy Story Midway Mania
Located in Hollywood StudiosShrink down to toy size and hop on board for an interactive ride and video game rolled into one.

3. Soarin'
Located inside the Land Pavilion in EpcotFeel the cool breeze as you soar over California in a hang glider.



2 Weeks Until Disney!! That means one weekend left to get packed and ready to go.

2 Special Events We Will Be Attending

1. Food and Wine Festival
Located in Epcot's World Showcase
Sample food, wine, cocktails, and beer from around the world. This is the festival where there will be lots of little booth selling tasting plates of food from far off and not so far off places. The email I sent out when we were 9 weeks away from our trip showcased some of the food and drinks that will be available.
For all the details check out the Disney Food Blog's Food and Wine page. You can also see what special F&W events that you may be interested in.

2. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Located in the Magic Kingdom
This is what is known as a "hard ticket" event. This means you need a completely separate ticket from your regular admission ticket to attend. The party officially begins at 7pm, but guests for the party start arriving as early as 4pm. Those with tickets to the party will be given a wristband. At 7pm those without a wristband will be asked to leave. Without the wristband guests will not be allowed in stores, restaurants, or attractions. A majority of the party goers, adults and kids, will be in costume. Each party goer receives a small trick or treat bag. There will be trick or treating stations set up all around the park, and everyone adult or child, in costume or not, is encouraged to trick or treat. During the party rides for many of the attractions will be little to none. There is a special Halloween parade that is only run during these Halloween parties. There is a special fireworks and castle show known as Hallowishes. It is one of the best fireworks shows in Disney. There are two Disney dance parties where you can dance and hang out with some of your favorite Disney characters. One party is in Frontierland. There you’ll find Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye at Woody’s Happy Harvest Roundup
. The characters switch out so it will be 2 of the 3.

This is the evening that we will dress up like pirates and invade Magic Kingdom. Can't wait to see everyone's costumes. I emailed out pictures of ours yesterday.

Here is a link with more information about the party.



Here's our costumes

We did a test run with the costumes today. I bought a stippling brush and some black face paint to give DS and DH some 5 o'clock shadow. I also bought some rings and little accessories at party city after the pics were taken.

DS1 who is not going with us.


Our plan was to check out of POR on Saturday, hit the parks, then drive an hour or two towards home and stop for the night. Well I found an LM room at AoA so we are going to stay a night there!! I'm so excited. New plan is to spend the morning at the parks, then head to AoA for some resort time!!


I did an email this week with the details. With the Disney World Property Map attached that I downloaded from Disney's website.

One week from today I will be meeting you all in Walt Disney World. This email is going to be about the details. Everyone is already checked in online. Be sure to print your online check in confirmation email and bring it with you. We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside from Sunday October 7 through Saturday October 13. Official check in time is 3pm. If you arrive earlier your room may be available, but there is no guarantee. Please remember that Disney World is in a different time zone than us. The plan is for everyone to call each other when they have arrived and are settled in their room. We have made no other plans for this day so that everyone can do what they need to do, such as nap, go grocery shopping, swim with the kids, etc.

On our check in day (Sunday October 7) the Saints will be playing San Diego at 8:20pm eastern time (that's 7:20pm our time). From what I've been able to research is that since it is a Sunday night game that it should be playing in the bar of our hotel and also available on the tvs in our rooms. Please don't stay up too late celebrating after they win as we have an early morning the next day. We have 8am eastern time reservations to have breakfast with Mickey and the gang at the Polynesian Resort. After breakfast we will take the monorail over to Epcot. What better way to start a Disney vacation!

Once at the parks we will have some must do rides or shows for the first hour of the morning, but after that we will explore the parks at a leisurely pace. I'm going to print the schedule (see schedule below) and dining reservation info to hand out to everyone when we arrive. This way we can all know what the plan is, so if we decide to split up or someone heads back for a break, they can know when and where they want to meet up with us again. The schedule is a very general loose schedule.

Just one more thing I'd like to mention in this email. Since we will all have cars, if for some reason (crowded buses, personal preference, running late) you don't want to take the bus to the parks, you can drive if you choose. Because we are staying on site at Disney there is no charge for parking at the parks. Just show them your resort parking pass and they will let you in. However, I plan to take the buses, especially on Epcot day, so that I can drink and not have to drive :D

I'm attaching a Disney road map to print if you want. It will help guide you to our resort. Our resort is north of the Downtown Disney area.

M****** / H***** Disney Vacation October 2012
Monday 10/8 EPCOT
Park Hours: 9am - 9pm
Breakfast - ‘Ohana Character Meal located in Polynesian Resort*** - 8am Reservation
Ride Monorail to EPCOT
Lunch - Graze at Food and Wine
Dinner - Counter Service
Tuesday 10/9 Hollywood Studios Fantasmic! 8pm
Park Hours: 9am - 8pm
Important to arrive at park opening this day.
Lunch - Toy Story Pizza Planet (Counter Service)
Dinner - Mama Melrose Ristorant Italiano*** - 2:45 pm Reservation (Table Service)
Wednesday 10/10 Magic Kingdom
Park Hours: 9am - 10pm
Important to arrive at park opening this day.
Lunch - Liberty Tree Tavern - 11:30 am Reservation (Table Service)
Dinner - Counter Service, Turkey Leg for Cory
Thursday 10/11 Animal Kingdom
Park Hours: 9am - 6pm
Lunch - Counter Service
Take a Nap / Rest (Would like to be back in room for 1pm.)
Dinner - Pizza Delivery to Room
Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (Magic Kingdom) Hours: 7pm - 12am
Friday 10/12 Free Day Friday
Park Hours: See Below
A day for each family to explore Disney World on their own. Everyone will meet back together for dinner in EPCOT. Please allow an hour of travel time from anywhere outside of EPCOT.
Dinner - Via Napoli (Table Service) - 7 PM Reservation
Location: Epcot inside Italy Pavilion

Park Hours:
Magic Kingdom 8am - 7pm

Epcot 9am - 10pm......................................Illuminations 10pm
Hollywood Studios 9am - 8pm
Animal Kingdom 9am - 6pm EMH 8am - 9am

*Breakfast will be in hotel room unless otherwise noted.
*** $10 Per Person Charge if not cancelled with 24/48 Hour Notice

Saturday - This is another free day for those that want to use it. When we purchased our tickets from a Disney certified discount ticket seller, you got a free day with the purchase of a 5 day ticket for the adult tickets. For the kids tickets it was $7 to add the cost of the 6th day.

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I love my husband! Here is his reply all response to the one week email.

DH said:
I am so glad Alicia and Stacie put so much effort into this trip. It will make my job of showing up and having a good time easy.

Are we there yet?
It is so awesome to have everyone appreciate the planning and thought we put into this trip. Here is my FIL's reply.

FIL said:
Wow, love the organization. It means I don't have to think but just enjoy my self. As StepMIL said when you are traveling with 9 people there is a lot of logistics.
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Twenty, twenty, twenty four hours to go, and we'll leave for Disney. Pack up the car and hit the ro - ad. We're going to Disney. Put me in the car seat, pull in the fast lane... hurry hurry hurry before I go insane... oh oh oh oh


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Wow, what a great thread!

I have always done a Disney countdown by putting out little plastic Disney figurines (from Happy Meals and the like) starting 30 days ahead of time and ending with a not-so-little Mickey. There are problems with that this time, though- first, we had a flood which wiped out the little toys, and second, two of the three kids are in college and wouldn't be around to see them anyway. I have been totally stumped regarding what to do- until now.

Thank you so much.