Buying tickets from UT that won't be used until next summer

Due to the recent price increase I was planning on buying some 10 day park hoppers at the old prices from UT that would not be used until next summer. I assume there won't be any issues with having tickets for that long before using them but it's been so long since we've been I just wanted to confirm that.

Also, we will be upgrading to APs when we're there. Will we get credit for the price of the cheaper ticket that we're buying now or the current price of the tickets when we upgrade?



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It depends which tickets they are and how "old" they are. The current tickets have use dates and expiration dates. So you need to look at the expiration date and if they are designated for a specific price season. I don't think UCT has any of the tickets with absolutely no expiration date anymore?

If they are expired by your trip then you would only get credit for gate price when purchased, not current gate price.

If you plan on getting an AP anyway I would probably just buy an AP voucher now before the next price hike. That will likely be more of a savings than hoping for price bridging on an expired 10 day ticket from this year.