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We are staying at BWV and want to get to HS by 815 at the latest. HS has a regular 9am opening that day but also has one of those special ticketed events prior to that in the a.m.(we are NOT attending the special event). My question is how early do the friendship boats start running? Would they run earlier because of the special event? Do they provide buses in the morning because of the special event? Trying to get there early for regular rope drop without having to walk because we have a little one. We will walk IF we have to. Thanks.


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Walking from BWV to HS is your best option hands down. We just got back from staying in a standar view room overlooking the water by the parking lot. The walk from room to tapstiles was 15 minutes. My wife walks very slowly. When I walked it with my daughter two years ago, we did it in less than 10.

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I agree with walking. From the clown pool to the DHS entrance is 12-15 minutes at a moderate pace.

The boat is really slow from the BW to DHS, because it stops at BC/YC and S/D after the BW pickup. We've never taken the boat to DHS; we sometimes take it back, but get off at the S/D and walk to the BW.