California Grill and a 9 year old


Hello. I managed to grab a CG reservation for Mother's Day a little before 7 but now second guessing myself. It would be myself, my husband and our soon to be 9 year old. Would she enjoy it or would it be too "stuffy"? Is the service slow there? I know it should be about me on Mother's Day but.... Thanks


She will love it. Not too stuffy. Service can vary, but as you have two adults to one kid, you should be OK with distracting her if necessary. Bring stuff to draw with, etc, just in case, but you probably won't need it. One adult can always get up and walk the kid over to the balcony if things get really slow.


Thanks for responding so quickly. Our other option would be dinner at EPCOT, I believe, but since we're on the dining plan I did think this would be nice.
I saw somewhere that dinner can take about 2 hours. So I guess we should just stay and watch HEA.

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that's a shame
My kids ate at CG wen they were 4-8 years old. They liked it. Nice views of MK.

If you're concerned about time, and you don't mind skipping dessert, have them bring your apps and your kid's main course at the same time; then your main course while the kid has dessert. You get dessert in a park after dinner.


Go to California Grill. It’s worth it. Not stuffy at all. We’ve been fortunate to have great service every time. We’ve taken our son when he was 5 and 7 and he enjoyed himself as much as any other restaurant.


I took my 5 year old and he loved it! I think you will be just fine. Enjoy your night!

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Absolutely! My kids (now 7 and 9) have been multiple times since age 5 and really enjoy the view and the food. It's not stuffy at all. And the best thing about the fireworks observation deck is that if they get antsy waiting for the food we can walk out on the balcony and look at the park. One of my favorite home videos is of the kids singing and dancing along with the music on the observation deck at California Grill Brunch (no one else was out there at the time so they weren't disturbing anyone).