Calm me down - FP tomorrow AM (& Ticket Linking Question)

Tomorrow's the day - booking fast passes for me, husband, 5yo, and my parents. I'm so exhausted from all my worrying about Hollywood Studios. Help calm me down!

More importantly - if I go to the fast pass area in the app today, I know I can't access it - but is it normal that the "error" I get on the app says that my tickets aren't linked? They are linked. When I try on a computer instead, I see the page where it's like: here are all the reasons you can't see fast passes (one of which is true {not yet at 60 days}, and one of which is false {tickets aren't linked}. Hoping that app is just weird before 60 days. Anyone have experience/insight on this specific issue?

My worst nightmare would be logging in tomorrow morning and it telling me my tickets aren't linked. I WOULD DIE! Hahaha.


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My app shows the tickets that I linked in the ticket section. Our trip is not until July. Of course I can't make FPs. When I go to the FastPass tab and try to make a Fast Pass for myself, it does say "We can't find their tickets" and "valid theme park admission required". . .

If you are getting the same message, you are probably just fine. But you can call to be sure. It would be worth the long wait on hold to be able to sleep tonight.:)
Thank you all. For those wondering or who many have the same question in the future and search the forums, the error of the tickets not being linked while in the app was nothing to worry about, and everything worked exactly right at 7am EST on FP+ morning.

For anyone interested, we pretty much got everything we wanted for fast passes, save for absolutely perfect time slots. FEA wasn't a problem at all for us when we wanted it.

I was able to get the following higher priority rides for 5 of us with both my dad and I simultaneously tackling fast pass reservations right at 7am. Avatar FOP, Smuggler's Run, and MMRR were all gone by 7:15ish).

May 2 (late arrival) (60 Days)
Mine Train 3:55
Peter Pan 4:55

(May 3, 6, 7, and 8 selections are irrelevant because we're not doing anything high priority)

May 4 (60 + 2)
Safari 9:30
Everest 11:50
Avatar FOP 2:20 (first time available - this was the tough one)

May 5 (60 + 3)
Alien Saucers 9:50
SDD 12:30
TSM 1:35

May 7 (60 + 6)
Mine Train 9:25
Peter Pan 10:35

May 8 (60+7)
Smuggler's Run (for 1 person only - by choice) 10:55 (first time available)
MMRR 11:00