Camping at FW with Fido


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Does anyone ever camp at Fort Wilderness ?
Do you take your dog ? Any advice ?

We're camping @ FW for our next trip and will be taking our dog for the first time. He'll be staying with us and not at the WDW kennel. We've camped in our old pop-up several times at FW so that isn't the new part. Taking beloved pup with us is.:RpS_smile:

Our new travel trailer will be 31 ft. long. Will any of the pet loops accommodate such a large camper ? :RpS_mellow:


Will work for Dole Whips.
I've camped at FtW! But, never with a dog.

Have you called for your reservation, yet? I'm pretty sure there will be a site for both you and your pup. Come back and share what you find out!