Can I change the title of my trip report, and how?


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If someone has an easy tip, please tell me how I can change one word in my trip report (or do it for me, if you have the power?) - it's the "2 trips a month apart" trip report and I used ASS as the abbreviation for All Star Sports instead of ASSp. I just want the little "p" added. Thanks.


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And just so you know, you can't change the title yourself... an admin has to do it. You can edit anything else about any post, just not the title of the thread.


carries her own pineapple juice
Thanks, Micah. I figured that was the case - I think I've tried in the past with other titles, to no avail.


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Can one of you wonderful powers that be change the title of my trip report as well? Leave the first part the same but change the second part? So change it to "Successfully Off Site: Outnumbered Parents at WDW."
I decided to post it to help people here and especially those concerned with off site, but every time someone does a google search on information about Windsor Hills it doesn't need to pop up.


Hey Josh or another admin.....can you add to my TR name...after the "I got this!!!!!!!!" can you add - Trip Report - September 2018
so it will be "I got this!!!! Trip Report- September 2018"

I wish I put the date on there right away.
thanks so much.