CBR Review, June 5-14, 2013


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This was our third stay at CBR, and it did not disappoint in any way.

Check-in: We did not do online check in. Arrived about 10:00 a.m., and DH went to the Custom House while the kids and I cleaned up the van (ok, it was a distraction after a 14-hour ride!). He was gone less than ten minutes and said he didn't have to wait at all. We had requested a room in Jamaica, but there was nothing available in that section unless we wanted to wait; DH opted for a room that was ready so we could get settled. We were given room 2152, Martinique building 21. This is the last building in Martinique, we saw Barbados 15 when we came out of our room.

Room: This room was maybe a 5-minute walk to Old Port Royale (food court/main pool), if that; we didn't mind that at all. We were not a parking lot view, but not a water view, either. No courtyard outside our room, but the landscaping was nice. We were very close to the parking lot, which never got more than half full during our trip. When we arrived, I checked the room and it was fine; clean and neat, just like it should be. I had read reports on another board of rooms that smelled musty or even moldy, but we didn't have any problems. The Nemo bedspreads are gone and were replaced with white linens.

Buses: We used the buses about half the time, and we drove our van the rest of the time. We always used the bus to MK. DHS and Epcot were both about a 5-minute drive from the resort; when we went to Epcot, we drove our van in the morning, left it at Epcot when we returned for break, and drove it home after Illuminations. That worked out great! We only had one wait that I thought was a little long (probably 20 minutes); that was to go to MK from CBR on Friday morning. The buses did get crowded at closing, but that happens at every resort, and the only way around it is to drive. The longest wait to leave at park was at MK closing, and we had to wait for a second bus. No complaints on the bus system.

Food Court: We ate at OPR four or five times during our trip, once for lunch, two or three times for dinner, and for breakfast on the last day. Service was quick, food was always good and fresh, we enjoyed it. We got a pizza one night for a quick dinner and ate it outside near the pool. It was fine...not amazing, but good for Disney pizza. The dining area was always clean, CMs were working to clean up and restock the area around the drink station and where the condiments were kept. No problems with finding a table, but I was very surprised how many people were eating breakfast at 10:00 on Friday morning (the day we left)....that was the most crowded we saw the place!

CMs: We did not come across ONE grumpy or un-Disney-like CM this is entire trip anywhere. The CMs at CBR were all friendly to us, saying hello when we passed outside the rooms, at the pool, etc. One CM and a manager that we felt went above and beyond was about 10:00 one night in the gift shop area. DS10 wanted a Duffy bear, and standard sized one. We went to the Duffy shop at Epcot, but....they were out of Duffy bears. CM there said there were none on Disney property but we could order one online. Um....ok? We had passed a shop at the IG that had a bunch in the window, so DH took him there to ask. The CM there said she wasn't allowed to sell the display ones, and they didn't have any either, but to check the resort gift shops because they should have some, and also ask at the other parks, that Epcot was the only park sold out. Um....OK???? They asked at CBR that night, and the CM was very apologetic and said they didn't have any but asked them to wait and she would check with a manager and see if there was anything they could do because someone else had asked a few minutes before (they were still in the shop). The manager came out a few minutes later and said that he (I think DH said he, I was in the room) made a couple of calls and found some, and he would go get them and one would be waiting at the desk in OPR in the morning. DH paid and they came back to the room with one happy little boy. We got a call less than an hour later from Nancy in OPR (I assume the same CM that originally helped them, but DH couldn't remember her name) that Isaac's Duffy (she knew his name) was there whenever we would like to pick it up. We had already told DS that we might have to wait until we got home and order one. They could have told us that at CBR, and we would have accepted it, but they didn't. That is the Disney customer service we all love!

Housekeeping: No complaints. Our room was always clean and they left plenty of towels. One day, we were resting in the room and had the Privacy sign on the door when they came by. They did not knock, but we got a call an hour or so later to see if we needed anything; DH asked for some towels, and they appeared on our door a little while after that. I thought that was very nice. I don't know why they didn't just leave them the first time (they did that at the values), but it was fine.

CBR is a beautiful resort, and will probably always be our favorite. We took a walk around the entire resort one evening, and it is just peaceful. It is a huge resort, but it didn't feel crowded at all. We only heard our neighbors one time...or rather, their water running. We passed people on the walking path, saw them at the pool and on the bus...but we didn't hear them. We usually stay at the values, and we noticed the difference this time around.

Hope this helps someone! If you want to know something I left out, I will try to answer!

ETA: DH went to the Custom House to see how much we had charged five days into our trip. At that time, he found out that a group of cheerleaders were staying there too...we didn't have a clue! That afternoon, we saw several of them at one of the quiet pools, but that was the only time we noticed them.
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Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you had a great time at CBR. It's become my favorite as well. My experiences there sound very similar to yours. Virtually nothing bad to complain about!


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I was wondering how your trip went. Glad to hear it went well! I'm so glad that you got your Duffy! (Though I wonder how in the world they can be sold out of them...)