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owes it all to duffy
We stayed at Carribean Beach Resort in early February 2010. We had three preferred rooms in Martinique for our party of 10. The location was excellent - very close to the main building and pool and not far from a bus stop. I would recommend a preferred room if it's in the budget.

The check in building was far from the rooms, but this is not an issue because you never need to return to that building during your stay.

The grounds are beautiful - we felt like we were in the Carribean. The beach areas are clean and there are many chairs and hammocks. The kids enjoyed the playground on the beach.

We didn't go in the quiet pool, but they looked well maintained.

The main pool is amazing. The kids loved it! It's zero entry, which was very convenient and the theming is perfect. There are two slides that are open when the lifeguard is on duty. They loved the slides. The kiddie pool/pirate ship is a the perfect size for kids up to age 5. The kiddie pool is fully enclosed in a seperate fenced in area from the big pool.

The rooms are okay. They need updating and felt a little run down. I would rate the grounds/pool an A and the rooms a C.

The food was average - there was a large selection and my kids loved that the chicken meal was served in a bucket that they could use in the sand.

The buses were good - we never waited more than five minutes for a bus. The longest ride was to Magic Kingdom. Leaving the resort, we always had a seat. Coming back from the parks there were several times where it was standing room only.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the resort. It's perfect for family with young kids.


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Surprised about the run-down rooms, but agree on all fronts about the grounds and pool area. You didn't run into any problems with the internal bus system?


owes it all to duffy
Not one problem with the buses - actually, our only bus problem was self imposed. We thought it was a good idea to have an individual stroller for each kid. Bad move - three strollers was tough, especially with my Dad who could not figure out how to fold it, but that was our issue. With three young kids, I would recommend either a double and a single or using the hard plastic ones in the park that you can leave there so you don't have to deal with it on the bus.

We kept joking that Disney was reading our minds because we would get to the bus stop and the bus we wanted would pull up. We were very happy with the buses and the drivers were so sweet to my DD. She sat in the first seat whenever possible and they gave her all kinds of Disney info. and gave her bus trading cards on several occassions. She was so happy.

The rooms were a bit disappointing. The bedspread was motel quality - thin and scratchy - and the room just seemed run down. They need a good overhaul. It seemed a little dirty too - the grout was showing it's age, the carpet had some worn spots and the curtain seperating the bathroom and bedroom was cheap. All three rooms were like that too, so I know it wasn't just mine. It wasn't bad enough for me to complain and wouldn't stop me from staying there in the future, but it is something that could definitely be improved upon. The grounds and pool more than made up for the rooms.


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I'll add in my review. We stayed at CBR for 4 nights in May 2011 as part of a split stay. First time our family has stayed at a moderate (though I had one night at Coronado during a conference). We usually have stayed at All-Star Movies, but we also have been to Wilderness Lodge and split our stay this time at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

We had preferred rooms, but in Trinidad North. We were in building 31 - the closest in Trinidad North to the pool/Old Port Royale. I would also highly recommend preferred rooms, since we felt we had a pretty long walk already; I can't imagine staying twice as far away and walking! Overall, I would probably suggest Martinique over Trinidad North. While Trinidad North is "close", you end up having to walk around the entire pool to enter from the Martinique side to get access, so you aren't as close as it might seem from a map (much, much closer than someplace like Trinidad South, though!).

The grounds were pretty, with lots of wildlife, including a few leaving deposits on the walkways (not cleaned up as thoroughly as I'd have expected, either). We ate breakfast outside once, and a bird stole one of my daughter's waffles... must have been why so many were hanging around. There were also more bugs outside than I expected (makes sense for Florida, but somehow I've never noticed so many anywhere else at Disney). The playground, on the center island, looked very nice. I'll second that the pool was very good. Large enough to accomodate lots of people, two slides (one of which I was even happy with), a separate play area for smaller kids, two hot tubs (one more isolated).

We wanted to rent a bicycle or boat, but the rental place was always closed when we tried (it's only open 11-5, I think). Given that it was plenty light until well after 8:00, I would have thought they'd have extended the hours a bit, during summer at least.

Old Port Royale (food court/restaurant/shop/arcade/concierge or whatever desk) was OK, but quite crowded. Reminded me of some markets in the actual Caribbean, but I'd have wished there were a bit more space. The food court had a decent selection; we didn't try the restaurant.

The rooms were fine, and about what we expected. We had enough room to lay out our luggage comfortably - this was NOT the case at Animal Kingdom Lodge, and probably wouldn't have been at the All-Stars, either. The curtain to the bathroom was fine. One pet peeve - the cable for internet is located by the beds, rather than by the table. It was annoying to have to sit in bed to get on the internet. The room was clean, and didn't feel particularly dated. We had towel animals a couple of days, but the regular towels were inconsistent (too few washcloths one day, no floor mat another, some towels were quite thin while others were very fluffy). We had a corner room, and liked having windows along two walls, even though we usually had the shades closed. The refrigerator worked well, and we used it to store milk, letting us eat breakfast in the room 3 of 4 mornings (for much much less than the food court would have been), and cokes. The resort mug would have been a major hassle, considering the long walk from the room to Old Port Royale.

We used the bus only once, and it worked OK, but we usually parked our rental car. Parking was nice and close to the buildings. Also, we found the exit onto Victory Way to be more convenient most times. Unfortunately, only WDW buses can enter that way, but at least anyone can exit.

Overall, we had a great stay there, and would probably stay again. But, I'd try to get Martinique next time, if possible.


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Thanks for the reviews...we are staying there starting Tuesday. We've stayed here several times before but our last stay was in 2008 so looking forward to seeing new pool.
I will report back when we return!


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we are staying at CBR, preferred room for a week beginning March 3, 2012. My mom, 64, me, 40 and two of my boys 7 and 13. I have read horrible reviews about this resort and I am very nervous. The rooms were updated a few years ago but just read the above review from 2010 that they were rundown and needed updated...confused!! We are not doing a Pirate b/c of location. Again, we have a preferred and have requested martinique. Can you please explain the room (needing to be updated) situation. Thanks. And, do you have any pics??