"Change" with fast pass policy


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We were told by a CM at Peter Pan on Sunday that by the end of the month FPs will be good only during the printed times except for "extreme circumstances". Let's see if that's BS or valid...


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Exactly. Now the poor CM's get to argue with guests all day over what is considered "extreme". Can you imagine the waiters in the restaurants with the guests yelling that they are going to miss their FP window. Haha. I really don't see how they can make this change without a lot of grief for the poor CMs.


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I've never seen a "compelling" argument as to why the current system is somehow flawed. If 100 people every hour use their FASTPASS late, doesn't that have zero impact on anyone's wait times? If they're going to a new system of some kind (which is years away at best) then that's fine. But I'm not smart enough to know what's wrong with the current one. People whine about 1,000 Brazilians showing up at one time or whatever, but enforcing FASTPASS times isn't going to change that. Their tour guide gets all those FASTPASSes at once and they can just wait for the median time if it really came to that i.e. the first FASTPASS is for 10:00am - 11:00am and the 1,000th FASTPASS is for 10:30am - 11:30am. Just go at 10:30am.


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I must say though, that I have never heard this much "chatter" about it for this long of a period of time...........
I really hope it doesnt pan out. It could very well make me not go back very often.


This sounds like a case of the cure being worse than the disease. (Also known as the law of unintended consequences :RpS_rolleyes:).

I wonder if this comes to pass if they will decide that it's more trouble than it's worth, or if they will stick with this no matter what. Is the new nextgen system driving this? If it's computer driven, computers tend to not like shades of grey and don't make value judgments. So instead of dealing with that, they'll go ahead and force a circle peg into the square hole to make it work maybe.


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If they do start enforcing this by the end of the month, I hope they realize it's a mistake by October 14. That's when I'm going :RpS_glare:


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A couPle of years ago a bus driver was talking about the fifth park they would soon be announcing. I don't doubt the bus drivers and CMs believe the information they're sharing, but they have a really bad track record when it comes to accuracy.


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Not sure I'd risk it. I heard they put you on Pirates of the Caribbean and shut if off in the middle for a couple of hours if you try to use one "late."


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We were told by a CM at Peter Pan on Sunday that by the end of the month FPs will be good only during the printed times except for "extreme circumstances". Let's see if that's BS or valid...
Having heard this many times before (different dates) I'll believe it when I see it consistantly enforced.


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Ah, I see you've posted pictures and stuff in the I'm just saying thread.
I wasn't trying to be pushy. Just one of the many who enjoy your reports.


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I saw people chatting about this on another site, too, and I hope nothing changes with the Fastpass policy - but if changes do come maybe they'll give 2-hour windows instead of 1-hour ones....people could plan their meals around that, but not 180 days in advance, that's for sure (when they book ADRs).