Changes coming to FP+ at Hollywood Studios


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The one thing I hope that article covers is there are a lot of glitches with the 90 day FP CL program and this could just be a glitch. It's not really a full on formally announced, 100% for certain change.


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This is making my very limited planning skills for Hollywood Studios this September non existant at this point. I am really at a loss over how I am going to approach things.
I am guessing still slinky dog dash will be the hardest to get and longest waits so will try for that. Though my kids prefer rock n rollercoaster.

Star Wars will likely take the entire first part of the morning. We plan to be there very early to hit the extra extra magic hours then will head to rock n roller coaster, tower of terror then hopefully use our fastpass for SDD. Then hope to grab a fourth one for Toy Story Midway Mania.

We have two use or let the two show ones expire first though right before being able to grab a fourth in the first tier?

I will have to book those for the first two hours of the morning and basically burn them while doing the other rides. Seems like more of a waste, but I guess this to help with crowds during those first months with Star Wars.


Jessica, we are having the same dilemma for early October. Neither DS21 nor I particularly care about the shows, but we will book them just to let them expire so we can (hopefully) get another FP for a ride. We plan to arrive around 5am (ouch!!!) and hope for the best. IF GE requires arrival before 5am, we will not do it this trip and just ride the existing rides during EEMH. I cannot arrive any earlier - 5 will be pushing it.


We were planning to do two EMH days at Studios in October then park hop. This might mean I only book one FP for 9amish then book for Epcot or wherever as soon as we check into that ride.

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We'll have to have a think about our 2 x Tier 2 choices, but for our 1 x Tier 1 choice which would you say has the longest Standby waits out of Toy Story Mania!, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, and Tower of Terror??

I'm not going to even try to get Slinky Dog as we are going during mid-end December and can only book our FP+ at 30 days as staying off site. My plan is to get in the queue just before closing for that ride.


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We are planning 5am as well for EEMH, I doubt I can get DH and DD out of bed before then. And we will be doing it two days in a row. Planning one day RD for millenium falcon and the other for build your own light saber.

As for the FPs, we luck out with those. DD refuses to go on TOT or RNR, she doesn't like coasters that go upside down, and TOT is too scary for her. So, SD will be our tier 1 for both days and TSMM will be hit sometime during the EEMH as well. We are hoping to be done and out of the park by lunch on both days.