Cheat Sheet - Feedback?


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I've been trying to come up with a way to present basic information in a more concise manner. This is what I have as an example at the moment:

It includes a color coded map (zoom if it's too small by default)
How rope drop works
Basic touring idea
Fastpass priority list
Ideal morning plan
How to spend the afternoon
Parade viewing tips (It should say Tamu Tamu Refreshments, forgive me)
Expected wait times based on crowd levels (and assuming the park is recommended)

I have in mind to copy/paste the information into a post with links so if you want more information, you can click. For example, you could click on Kilimanjaro Safaris and see this: or click on Flame Tree BBQ and see this: etc.

What you see in the PDF is kind of a rough idea of what I'm thinking.

I'm wondering:

A. Helpful?
B. Anything to add/delete


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Very helpful. Appreciate the red, yellow, green metaphor but I would prefer the colors be less subtle.


WOW!!! That is INCREDIBLY helpful. It's easy to read, concise without skipping anything essential, and those wait time charts are AMAZING. I have never seen anything like them. If you do one of these for each park, planning a park tour is going to be so much easier. Are you going to include advice about how best to do the nighttime spectaculars in the other parks' plans? That would be super helpful, especially for newbs. Two thumbs up, and I wish I had more thumbs.


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A. Helpful! I really like the the predicted wait time charts. I've been to the parks 11 times, and I'd still print those out and use them.


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I think this is awesome! It is a great tool for first timers who need a general idea of the priorities, etc. Plus, the estimated wait time chart gives people a better idea of what to expect throughout the day if something comes up and they are planning on the fly. Many of us veterans know how to make the most out of a day in those situations, but it could be really overwhelming to someone who doesn't go often.

I also really like the PDF as is. I think if more links and additional information gets added, it gets cluttered and is once again overwhelming. If you want to add links to rides/restaurants, you could do that, but also leave a simple version as a printable PDF that people could just carry into the park. Great job!!


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Very helpful. Appreciate the red, yellow, green metaphor but I would prefer the colors be less subtle.
Rather, perhaps the color of the paths and water ways should be less saturated. The information architect utilitarian in me doesn’t think the dominate colors of these two adds much to the spirit of the document. There is a lot more content to extract than where to walk and where not to walk.


Josh, that is excellent! And if stops another 75 semi-clueless folks from setting up their own "I'm an expert on Disney" FB and web pages, I'm even more for it! (Can you tell I have a pet peeve this week?)

Also like Craigers idea about the colors on the pathways I think (need to pull it up again, but I think I agree).

Yes, or I just think the KS road shouldn't all be colored red, it actually seems to detract from identifying where the building for it is.


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Josh... looks pretty good. My two cents, from an IT perspective... chances are most folks won't actually print these off. Right now you're at 5 pages which is at least three pieces of paper stapled together. Most likely they'll keep the PDF on their phone. So whatever you can do to keep the PDF phone-friendly would be great. Small text is going to require zooming in and back out. A large PDF (you're already over 1.5 meg I think) is going to make launch time and render speed slower. I wouldn't worry too much about adding links because if this ends up as a printed product, links are moot. If it's a PDF, it's probably phone/OS specific how links back-and-forth between a PDF and a mobile web browser work (i.e. clicking a link, going to the website, and then getting back to the PDF).

Sounds like you need the easyWDW phone app. I am not volunteering. :RpS_wink:


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As a total n00b to WDW planning, I find this super helpful. Like, seriously helpful.

ETA: Agree w/craigers on the path/water ways being less saturated for max usability, but that's a minor suggestion for me. And I know I might be old school-er than most, but I would (will) definitely print them. Especially the map portion. I hate looking at maps on my phone and would prefer holding a paper copy... especially when I will have kids pulling me to hurry up. I don't want to drop my phone, turn it to avoid glare, zoom in 500 times, etc.


does anybody know how to change this?
Love it! The only thing I'd change is what's already been mentioned, a little less color saturation on ride components and other "placemark" items on the map so that the walkways stand out more.

It's nicely concise, but still offers all the information someone needs to successfully tour even if they've never been before, and haven't read any other information about the place.


I was just about to make something similar for my upcoming trip next week. Trying to get all the information in my head from reading on here and remember it is hard to do when you aren't a Type A planner. I think this is awesome and hope it is ready for all parks by Tuesday next week :)

As usual, you rock.


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I think its great Josh! I disagree about posting it as a PDF. Not everyone will want to print the entire thing, but maybe just sections of it. If people can copy and paste into their own documents the pieces that are important to them, it'll be just as useful. For my trips, I'd probably just print the touring route as well as info about the wait times when I'm there.