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I have a trip planned for me, my 13yr old son, and my 9yr old daughter. My son wants to go to Chef Mickey's as it has all of his favorite characters! I have read reviews online that it is noisy, the characters seemed rushed because it is so big, and the food is only ok. My question is, is it worth it? I would hate to pay the expensive price tag and be dissapointed.


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I haven't been to either.... but I have been hearing great things about the Topolino's Terrace breakfast, and it has mostly the same characters.


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Once was enough for me at Chef Mickey's. The characters didn't seem rushed for us (we had younger and shy kids), but definitely agree about the noise and mediocre food. We were not seated where we could see the monorail coming through the Contemporary, which was a disappointment, but riding the monorail to and from there back to MK was a big bonus for our kids.

It's also expensive, now up to $50 for adult breakfast--that's $8 more than Crystal Palace or Tusker House. Tusker might be another good substitute in addition to Topolino's, since it's most of the same characters. Both CP and TH have better food, but not dramatically better, and frankly, you'll be disappointed with any of those unless you tell yourself in advance that you're paying for the experience, not the food. You may also be paying to avoid waiting in line to meet the characters elsewhere.

Here's how Josh ended a fairly recent review:
But is it worth it? Like most things Disney, the fact that it’s booked solid is some indication that it’s worth the premium over similar experiences. And I think a lot of people will find value in trying it once. That’s particularly true on the Disney Dining Plan at dinner, where guests will find a lot of value while the meals still cost just one credit. If you don’t think much of the atmosphere, but still want to enjoy a character breakfast with similar characters, then I would look at Garden Grill (Mickey, Pluto, Chip, Dale) or Tusker House (Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy). Without characters, Boma, The Wave, and Trail’s End get my vote.


Here is a point of view not being considered - my son loved it. He was 6 1/2 when we went and we did numerous character meals and he really enjoyed this one.

It is noisy! But most character meals are. We did wait longer for that ADR than 95% of our meals during a 14 day stay (the longest wait we had the entire trip was 1900 Park Fare. They do have a photo pass scene set up and we did some cute pics there whime we waited but honestly the wait was like 45 minutes past our ADR time. It caused us to miss a FP at MK and nearly a second one but we made it to that one with a few minutes to spare.

The food wasn't bad but due to the extended wait our late breakfast ended up being brunch and the combo was much better than I recalled breakfast being. Dinner was just mediocre as I recall. As one cast member (manager) reminded me two trips ago - "you are not really paying for the food - you are primarily paying for the interaction and a side of food."

Our interaction was great...but it is what you make of it. Shy or quiet kids generally have shorter interactions. We play up the time with the characters at our table. Not only my son bc he doesnt always know what to do or say but us adults. The more you interact with them the better and more memorable experience you will have.

This is not my favorite character meal but it is not horrible either. If it is the most convenient and the characters being sought after then go for it. (I personally enjoyed the Mickey and friends at O'hana and Garden Grill much better. Chip & Dale and Stitch made these much better meet and greets.

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We haven't been to Chef Mickey's for several years, but as a mom of a 19-yo who lives at college and a 16-yo, these are my thoughts:

It will probably be noisy, and if you consider only the food for the price you pay, you will be disappointed--no buffet food anywhere is worth that amount of money. However, if your son is asking, I would do it. Maybe pick a later breakfast reservation that will likely go in to lunch so you can have more food to pick from. We did and paid for all of the character meals when our boys were growing up, and they really weren't bad, and the boys loved it. Now, the older one wouldn't set foot in a character meal restaurant (at least without us forcing him) and the younger one would but he wouldn't enjoy it at this point. I have all the pictures and things from when they did enjoy it, and I think they'll grow back into them again, but the kids grow up and their likes change.

Sentimental lately? Probably, but that's what I would do. In fact, if my kids wanted to go to one on our next trip (whenever that may be), I'd suck it up and pay $50 each plus tip for them to do it.


I'm on the side of "it was ok." We were there August 2015 (on a completely drama-fraught trip) and it stormed like crazy that evening. It was my daughter's 2nd birthday and we had very good character interaction.

IIRC, the Contemporary was receiving some sort of refurb, and there were "scrims" up all around. We had a decent booth / table combo that could see the monorail and were pretty near the buffet line, but right next to the dessert bar. The storm was really intense, and the big south (?) window started leaking, then it started gushing. We didn't get wet, but the dessert bar got completely drenched. A bunch of CMs tried to move what hadn't been soaked and continue operating, but it was sort of a joke. Floors were wet, there was a real "ingress/egress" issue as there was far less real estate available for folks to walk around, etc. I know Disney can't control the weather, but they can control "magic" to an extent. I figured we'd get an apology or a comped meal or a discount or something...Nope.

Characters were great. Food was really pretty decent (we did dinner, not breakfast), yes, loud as all get out, but, and perhaps the saving grace, there is a little Chef Mickey statue where there's a photo CM taking stills and my wife handed her phone to her. It was the best family photo we have ever had and that was perhaps the best part of that trip.

Wait was pretty short even though it was packed. Our waiter was a very seasoned CM and did as well as he could considering the drama with the rain/leaks.

We have also done 1900 PF and I echo the above post... I think we waited over an hour past our ADR time before being seated. And, talk about LOUD. Man, it was like we were in a train station.

Anyways, my two cents.

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I'd echo Momofpirates sentiments. As the mom of a 13 & 16 yo who are so over character meals, I think it would be worth it because they still want to do it. The noise factor didn't bother me - I saw it as being in the middle of "the action." We've done it 2x as breakfast & brunch when the kids were young. I find everyone's tolerance & energy levels are better early in the day. I thought the food was every bit as good as Crystal palace & better than Park fare. We enjoyed Tusker house the most for food & character interaction though. But with a 13yo eager for CM, I wouldn't even hesitate


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We've done CM several times, DD likes it, and it does get us the fab five pretty easily. The food is so-so, we've done both breakfast and dinner, and neither one is anything great, but its okay. It is way over priced, but thats character meals. If your looking for something cheaper with Mickey I highly recommend Garden Grill, its one of our favs.

The noise is loud, and can cause headaches. I have found the noise level varies a lot on where you are sitting. If you are sitting where the atrium is (really high ceiling) it is a lot worse. If your off the the side, under the monorail (lower ceiling) it isn't as bad. So if you are worried ask to sit off to the side.


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I have a trip planned for me, my 13yr old son, and my 9yr old daughter. My son wants to go to Chef Mickey's as it has all of his favorite characters! I have read reviews online that it is noisy, the characters seemed rushed because it is so big, and the food is only ok. My question is, is it worth it? I would hate to pay the expensive price tag and be dissapointed.

There are "better" character meal options if all the criteria/concerns you listed (having all his favorites, having good interaction without the rush, having "better" food) are important. Mine are now 17 and 14 (both boys) and we did this one exactly one time (for the 17 year old's birthday when he was turning 6) and never went back. It's not terrible, but it's not "worth it" to us in terms of time/expense/schedule. We enjoy Tusker House much more overall time after time. And at this point for us, it's not so much about the character interaction, but rather the fact that we need to eat, prefer the variety of brunch items offered, and need a good break from touring. If any one of the three men could give it up, I'd love to try Tiffins!