Chefs de France vs Tutto Italia CPP


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Candlelight Processional package. Tutto Italia is my first choice but not available for dinner. It is available for lunch, but then that would mean the 5 pm show before it is dark.

Chefs is available and what we currently have booked. My last meal at Chefs was years ago because it was pretty awful. I guess I'm hoping someone who has been more recently can suggest menu items they enjoyed? Or is Tutto enough superior that it's worth switching to the earlier show?


We've eaten at Chefs de France a dozen times or so through the years and we've always had good (not great) meals. Maybe it's because we usually order the beef tenderloin although DW has had the braised beef which she said was good too. We haven't eaten at Tutto Italia so I can't make a comparison for you.


I was able to book Biergarten at 1:30 for lunch and get the 6:45 show by calling, so you may want to try that. I have never been to Tutto Italia and the last time I went to Chefs de France was 2015, so may not be much help there. I did enjoy Chefs went we went.