Christine, Josh, Vicki, others - Opinions on Sept. 28-Oct. 10 Itinerary


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OK, so I thought I had my plan well constructed, booked POR, made our ADRs, had DW change reservation from POR to WL when FD hit when I was in trial one day. Generally felt content. But now we have hit the second guessing phase, which was only magnified when our first day had a pretty big schedule change with EMHs at HS that sent HS from most rec. to not rec. So, now I am asking for a look-see for the itinerary.

Touring are me (37), DW (36), DS (6), and DS (4). We toured commando style last time (Oct. 2012) and had a blast. We will have a bit easier time with the boys being older and more flexibility in the plan. At least, that's what I'm telling myself. It helps to be a family of insomniacs when planning.

We are driving from East Tennessee and will have a AAA parking pass. We will use both our Dodge and Disney transport, depending on the day.

Sunday, September 28
- Hollywood Studios (Not Rec) - 9:00-7:30
Mama Melrose F! Package - 12:30 P.M.
Fastasmic! (8:00)

Monday, September 29
- EPCOT (Most Rec) - 9:00-9:00
Akershus - 11:55 A.M.
Le Cellier - 6:05 P.M.

Tuesday, September 30
- Magic Kingdom (Rec) - 9:00-9:00
Be Our Guest Lunch FP+
MSEP (8:00)
Wishes (9:00)

Wednesday, October 1
- Hollywood Studios (Most Rec) - 9:00-7:30

Thursday, October 2
- EPCOT (Most Rec) - 9:00-9:00
Biergarten - 1:00 P.M.
Food & Wine Eating 'Round the World - Dinner

Friday, October 3
- Magic Kingdom (Most Rec) - 9:00-7:00
Chef Mickey's - 8:00 P.M.
Hallowishes (9:30) from CR

Saturday, October 4
- No Parks Day
Swimming at WL
Dinner at POR with YeeHa Bob

Sunday, October 5
- Animal Kingdom (Rec) - 9:00-5:00
Tusker House - 8:00 A.M.
Boma - 6:20 P.M.

Monday, October 6
- Magic Kingdom (Not Rec) - 9:00-12:00
Whispering Canyon - 5:00 P.M.

Tuesday, October 7
- Hollywood Studios (Most Rec) - 9:00-7:00
Hollywood & Vine - 11:15 A.M.

Wednesday, October 8
- Magic Kingdom (Tent Rec) - 9:00-10:00
Crystal Palace - 8:00 A.M.
Wishes (10:00)

Thursday, October 9
'Ohana - 10:30 A.M.
- MNSSHP - 4:00-12:00

Friday, October 10
- Home


While I appreciate the shout out...I'm probably not the best one to advise. I wouldn't tour commando (morning to night) because that doesn't work for my family. We take BIG breaks almost every day. So my advice wouldn't fit with what you've already decided to do.

I'm sure others can give you some ideas though.

(PS, Christine is not a mod anymore and hasn't really been posting lately and I don't know if Josh usually wades in to specific itinerary advice or not. But I'm sure others might have thoughts. )


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It isn't the same...:sad:

I'm not a fan of the pre RD TH breakfast anymore. I loved it with paper FP because it was easy to step out and get a FP right at RD. If you want to make RD you have to be OK with rushing your breakfast. TH makes a nice in-park break though if you have a late breakfast or lunch.


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Are you just listing the park hours or the time you actually plan to spend in the park? When do you actually arrive?

I'd probably not plan on much more than F! and a few FP+ things in the afternoon on the 28th if you're not arriving until that morning or arrive late the day before... just since driving is already tiring and the park will be crowded.

I agree on pre-rope drop TH. I'd suggest the last breakfast or lunch.

Why MK on Oct 6? I think you have a good bit of MK time already. I'd switch that for a recommended park. If you really want another MK day, consider swapping other days to accommodate it.

For us, a lot of days with two table service meals would be too much time spent in restaurants. One (or none) most days seems to work best for us... we do do an occasional day with two though. I'd think about moving Akershus to 11ish or pre-rope drop if possible. It seems like a lot of food pretty close together between Akershus and Le Cellier.

We'll be at VWL 9/28-10/5. One of the things I'm thinking of doing is the campfire over at FW since we're closer than we normally would be when we stay elsewhere. And then we move to BCV 10/5-10/7

My park plans for those days, just to give you some ideas on options:

9/28 MNSSHP - we're actually in town starting 9/24, wouldn't probably do this if your arrival day is 9/28
9/29 Epcot (WS- 11ish arrival)
9/30 MK
10/1 HS
10/2 MK
10/3 HS
10/4 AK
10/5 MK
10/6 Epcot
10/7 MK


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You have a long enough trip that I don't think you need to tour from RD to close so much. Also, with 2 other days at HS I think you can keep day 1 at HS with Fantasmic and FP+. Just maybe plan to leave right after lunch and return before Fantasmic. Or switch Fantasmic to a different day and go to a reccomended park. Also, do you really plan on seeing wishes twice? I have found that seeing MSEP and leaving right after via the boat to MK and then seeing wishes on a night with no MSEP has worked great. However it is at 10:00 later in your trip vs. 9:00 earlier. Will the boys make it to 10:00? Will you need a nap that day?


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Yeah there is some discussion at the end of this page and a couple pages following:

Would need a bit more information on how long you plan to stay in the park and what you plan to do to comment much on the itinerary.

Chef Mickey's and Wishes might be a little tight but you should be out of there on time with the 4th floor observation deck just a few feet away.


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A little more info would be helpful. This looks like just a park order. Are you planning on RD - close with breaks to eat? Or, is there some more detail you can give is?


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The times listed are the hours the park is open for that day. Sorry. Should have been clear about that.

We are a RD family - no doubt. We often plan breaks during the afternoon heat, but we have been known to attend shows/attractions indoors during the afternoon depending on everyone's mood/energy level.

The notation regarding Wishes is only to denote when there is a Wishes option. We saw it once last trip (from the now deceased AAA area), but it doesn't beat Hallowishes, so we might not watch it while in MK. Might see it from a boat or from Contemporary after Chef Mickey's.

No worried about the boys. They went back-to-back midnight touring days last time (was not planned that way, but they did amazingly fine all trip).

The pre-RD TH was DW's request. I'm thinking about burning an early FP+ at 9:00 for KS to remedy the need to rush, as we have an extra FP+ in my early itinerary.

i can't be positive, but we have never done 2 TS in a day until this trip. Really only became necessary due to agreement that we only do 2 EPCOT days. Youngest son wants Akershus, I made a deal from last time that we would go to Biergarten this trip since we didn't go last trip, and DW and youngest son missed Le Cellier last time due to illness, so this was payback for that. We had to squeeze it in, so, while not ideal, I had to go that way.

The Oct. 6 MK day is another area I'm not happy about, but it wasn't my call. DW loves touring at night. Admittedly, our best memories from the last trip were from night with few folks in the parks. With most of our MK days being MNSSHP days, we are gone by 7:00 or earlier. The Oct. 6 plan is the exception - for her. My initial plan is to RD, tour until noon or so, CS lunch, boat back to WL, rest/swim until 5:00, dinner at Whispering Canyon, then back to MK around 7:30 or so for night touring.


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Well, it may not matter now. Since word has leaked out on the DIS that WL will have no pool from just after Labor Day until after Thanksgiving, we are evaluating whether we're changing resorts or, given he lack of available rooms due to FD, canceling the trip altogether.


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I've been reading that thread over there as well. It sounds like the quiet pool and hot tub in the DVC area will still be available. I understand how you feel though, we really don't want to stay at a hotel with the pool closed. We did that on our last trip and it was a pain. If there isn't a pool available for our WL reservation in early December, we're thinking of switching resorts.


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Latest news - after excellent DIS detective work - is that the pool will not be closed and that the work will be on the kiddie pool and only after 7:00 PM.

So, now it's back to planning!


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Sorry. I can't open wdwmagic links at work which is kinda weird considering I have no trouble with this site and several others like it.

OP- if you do decide to visit one of the other pools, the one at the CR will be much easier to get to. The pool is right next to the marina where the boat drops off. If you go to FW you will have to take the boat, then walk to the bus area (not far, maybe 5 minute walk), hop a bus to the Meadows (orange and yellow lines), the pool is just a short walk from this stop.


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Ah, guess it's not obvious that the text in my post after the wdwmagic link is cut and pasted from the wdwmagic page. I'll have to think of how to make that clearer, thanks!
Maybe putting it in italics would help.

Also, good info about the two pools locations.