Christmas spirit jersey


How can I be a new member if I joined in 2012? ;-P
88038CEE-608B-4037-959D-3082D334A55C.jpegMy daughter really really wants this sweatshirt, and just got a gift card to spend on our trip next month. Anyone have a clue - is there a chance in hell it’ll still be in the parks? Apparently it’s not available online.
We just got back on Thanksgiving day. It was difficult to find many of the more popular Christmas shirts/sweaters. I saw a lot of people wearing them, but few in the stores. I would occasionally see cast members bringing out more but they were often children's sizes. We are not rope droppers, so maybe if you are and go to the stores early, you'll find them? Best of luck to you! Make sure you look all over the stores as I would often see a random Christmas shirt thrown on a rack where it shouldn't have been.