Cinderella's Royal Table - November 2015


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This was a reservation I struggled with over the months about keeping or not. As it is 2 credits (we are on the dining plan) I couldn't decide whether it would be worth it. Then reading so many reviews there are a lot of mixed opinions on it. However, my youngest is a huge Cinderella fan (and princesses). To meet her and be able to eat in her castle I thought would alone be worth it.

We had a 6:45 reservation on our last night.

It was pretty nice as we reserved a Meet with Anna and Elsa from 5:30-6:30 right prior. Watched Philharmagic in between then headed over right at 6:40PM. We were quickly checked in and led into the castle. I had read so many reviews about the waits that I didn't even have our autograph book out for the meet yet. Though when we came in there was no one in line. We had to quickly get everything out as my son of course took off right for Cinderella.

This was such a great moment. As there was no one else really in the Hall he got to spend a lot of time with her. The Christmas tree was up so they looked at ornaments together. Got in lots of hugs. I know there was an "I love you". :RpS_love: Then we all got a family shot in. (It would have been a great shot if my older son wasn't in a mood from just waking up from a late nap. He pulled his sweatshirt hood over his face. Ahh memories.)

Once done with the pictures it was a short wait for our name to be called. We then proceeded up the steps to the dining hall. As it was already dark it really was beautify inside. I think a reservation at night adds so much to the charm. You could see the lights outside even without a window seat and the room had a nice glow it, but it wasn't dark. When my mom realized we were actually eating inside the castle she started crying.

Our server was Fernando, he was great. Called my parents my Lord and my Lady. Was funny without trying to make jokes the whole time. We ordered our meals yet waited to order dessert. I ordered the salad and steak/shrimp. The others ordered the scallops and steak/shrimp. My oldest was on the meal plan so got the fruit/cheese and nuggets. Our server was great and brought out food for our youngest as well at no cost.

I don't think any of them were blown away by the scallops by any means. My dad said it was one scallop on rice a roni. I on the other hand thought that the castle salad was great. One of the best salads I had all week. It had a good peppercorn style dressing. The blue cheese was nice too.

Then the main course arrived shortly after. It was the best tasting meal I had all week. I only wish the portion size was a little larger. After eating at somewhere like 'Ohana the night before the size seems funny. Though honestly its probably the size meal I should have been eating all week. I passed on the shrimp to my husband which of course he appreciated.

I had the cheesecake with strawberries for dessert. It was great. Again just a small portion though. My mom had the signature which I know she liked. I can't recall what the others had. I think everyone except the kids enjoyed theirs. The kids choices for dessert just seemed lacking. It was all to be too rich tasting for my kids tastes. They would have been fine with just a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We picked the peanut butter smores for them. I do have to say the presentation was amazing. It had a chocolate design of malificent on the plate. The chocolate in the dessert was just way to rich for them would have been better if milk chocolate. I think they just ate the marshmallows off it.

Now on to the characters. They were all great! We had Snow White, Jasmine, Aurora, and Ariel. My older son really enjoyed how they announced each character with telling their story. He would listen each time and try to guess who it was going to be. This was great to keep him entertained while waiting. Two of the best interactions were Snow White and Ariel.

My sons are scared of a witch they call Misrabelle? She looks like the witch from Snow White yet is in a video game through PS3 something of illusions (this is what I have gathered from them over this). My older son will not go upstairs alone due to this nor will not ride the Mine Train ride as the witch at end. Those with a preschooler will understand. Well my older son when Snow White approached had his hood over his head and he told her he was the witch. She was great interacting with him and trying to help him get over his fear.

Ariel almost broke character (boy is she good) with my younger son. He can be quite the entertainer himself and he had her in hysterics. It was fun to see.

All and all I am so glad we kept this reservation. It was definitely one of best meals of the whole trip. It was a wonderful way to end the trip. The food and characters were great. The setting is just beautiful at night.

If I repeat I would definitely pick dinner again over other times of the day.


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For many of your same reasons I love CRT. The whole experience makes it and I don't think the food is terrible. I can tell the difference in quality from years previous but I am okay with the choices. We usually have the dining plan so the 2 credits are okay with me. Thanks for sharing your experience! I wish I was there now.


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One thing that takes a little of the sting out of the two credits is that the tip is included, so it saves you tipping on two additional TS meals. I had forgotten this when we went, and asked about leaving the tip (we were on DDP), and our server reminded me that it was included, and added, "Trust me, we are well compensated."

I've only been once, at dinner, and we also had a lovely experience. I was a little like your mom about eating in the castle. It was something I didn't get to do as a kid, and I was thrilled to take my daughter. Glad you had such a good experience! Love that you had such a great time with Cinderella!