College Football!


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MGoBlog had a few words about the possibility of the season in a roundtable. Transcript here:

Note that MGoBlog tends to be very pro-athlete (as in: they are exploited financially to make a handful of people rich), cerebral (not Northwestern cerebral, maybe, but close), and a little bit off-color. Proceed with caution.

Bits I thought were interesting:

Brian: Right, it takes just one screwup and then half your conference is shut down. Even if we elide the moral and ethical implications of having football, on a practical level it seems inevitable that teams are going to get shut down for two or three weeks or a month.

Ace: It’s wild that this feels necessary to say: just one screwup, in this case, can lead to multiple deaths. It's not worth it! It's just not. I say that as someone who loves football and relies on sports happening to make a living.
Seth: FWIW Notre Dame is desperately looking for opponents to meet their NBC contract. That tells you where the schools' minds are at. They're going to do this.
And in the humor category:

Seth: This would maybe be the dumbest or greatest idea ever: what if we play the season without coaches?

Ace: Michigan tried that in 2014.
The summary for me:
Seth: People are going to die this year. I don't say that callously, or advocating for anything, but as a simple fact. They're going to screw things up, and people are going to die so we could play a football season. This is the most surreal thing of all.

BiSB: That's a true statement most years. Football is, uh, rather unsafe. The threat is just more visible this year.

Ace: It’s a much greater threat this year. Cancel the season so people don’t die in order to provide a brief distraction while lining the pockets of people who are already rich, please.

BiSB: Of course that is the ethically and logically correct answer. On the other hand, SPORTSBALL. So it's impossible to say which is right.


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Man. The scenario where they cobble together a season, positive tests knock out big swaths of rosters, games start getting canceled, and they pull the plug midway through the season feels pretty realistic to me. I would hope that anyone who could foresee that might just decide not to go ahead with any season at all, but big money is a thing. College football is my sportsball of choice, and it seems like a terrible idea to me.