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We stayed at the Contemporary Resort from March 25 - April 1. We are 2 adults and 3 kids ages 6, 8, and 10. Here are my thoughts:

The room was huge! There was plenty of space for everyone and all our stuff without us tripping over it all the time. We've also stayed in a 1st floor Poly room and this one "felt" bigger. Not sure if it really is or if it's just the layout, but there was plenty of space.

We were in either 5111 or 5112. We had a view of a large section of the lake and then the pool. It was a great view especially in the morning when it is quiet and we could also see the electrical water parade from our room. One kid didn't like hearing the electrical water parade music when trying to go to sleep. That was bad timing.

We enjoy the first floor with the patio a lot when we go on a whole family trip. The kids can get dressed and ready to go and play right outside the room where we can see them while we finish getting ready. It's also a peaceful place to eat breakfast at the room.

We stayed at Caribbean Beach for 2 nights before based on availability/rates. This may be just a me thing, but I hate how the AC is done in the value and moderate resorts. One side of the room is always freezing because you have to turn the fan up to get the cold air to the other side of the room. The deluxe rooms have AC with the vents that come out near the ceiling. It distributes the cold air much more evenly. Moving from a moderate to a deluxe probably just highlighted the difference.

We loved the walk to MK! So easy and convenient. The monorail to the TTC and then to Epcot worked well. There was one time that the Epcot monorail was not running and we had to take a bus. The buses can be annoying at any resort, it just depends on timing.

The pool was great and has trees on one side that provides a good amount of shade. We didn't have trouble finding a lounge chair. The kids liked the slide and there were 2 hot tubs. The pool is shallow on the sides and gets deeper in the middle. The splash area is very plain compared to the new splash areas going in. Our kids were old enough that is didn't matter, but something to keep in mind if you have younger kids. Trivia is fun, but lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

We enjoyed walking along the beach, it was very peaceful. Beach volleyball was a lot of fun too.

Beds were comfy.

The walk To the garden wing from the main building was not far. We got food from Contempo Cafe a couple of times and it was easy and convenient. The flatbreads were really good.

Overall, we really enjoyed it. I liked it at least as much as the Poly, probably a little more because you don't have as much general resort traffic. The main building at the Poly can get very crowded and very loud. My husband likes the Poly better, just because of the general vibe of the Poly. He likes the tropical island theme that you get everywhere you go at the Poly. We have stayed at the Boardwalk on an adults only trip and really, really liked being able to walk to 2 resorts, so we'll probably try the Epcot resort area on our next family trip. If we want to stay in the MK area though, it would be a big debate between the Poly and the Contemporary. The Contemporary would probably win, just because the Garden Wing is usually much more reasonably priced than the Poly.


Did the room comfortably sleep five? We only have two kids but they're a little older and won't share a bed.


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Our last trip was at the Contemporary, two summers ago. We had originally planned on staying at the Polynesian for the first time, my daughter's dream resort. However, the massive construction at the Poly changed our plans. I read a lot of negative comments about the lack of theming and the noise from Chef Mickey's. We thought about other deluxe resorts, but the price comparison led us to book the Garden Wing. We were upgraded to the tower at the last minute by our travel agent. We fell in love with the Contemporary. Our tower room was high enough so that we were not bothered by noise. The theming was basically Tomorrowland which we enjoy.

The only complaint was the roudy behavior at the quiet pool. The large pool was crowded and chaotic as expected, but it would have been nice if the quiet pool was indeed quiet. I don't appreciate kids throwing tennis balls across the pool nearly hitting me in the head. There was zero supervision there which led to people breaking the pool rules left and right. Things like this could happen at any resort.

I would definitely return to the Contemporary anytime. It sounds like we would have been just as happy in the Garden wing as we were in the tower.