Converting Southwest Credit to Points


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Has anyone done this or know if it is an option yet? We still have travel credits from March but want to use them to book for November flights and those can be booked starting 5/28. I'd prefer to have them converted to points before making the new booking. It would be much easier to use points than mess with the various travel credits that don't combine well because they've been cancelled and re-booked so many times. And if we don't end up going (at least 50% likely we won't) easier to refund points.

On the website I can click on "travel credits" and see them listed with the new 2022 expiration date but nothing to convert to points. On the COVID FAQ page they mention the ability to convert March-Sept 2020 travel credits to points and the language still says something about working on the technology. I was hoping someone here would know so I wouldn't have to call.