Coronado Thoughts?


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Hello to you all,

After thoughts/experiences shared in another thread reagarding the influx of cheer/dance groups in January, I moved our reservation from POP to Coronado. I found out during the time we’ll be visiting there is a National Cheer and Dance completion (4 of the 7 days). I’m naive and didn’t realize the groups would descend in January, thought we would be safe until the end of the month-silly me. We love POFQ, but booked at POP because of cost savings (as I said in the other thread, this was much to my husband’s dismay, but I wore him down). I give you the ‘we love POFQ’ spiel so you’ll understand that the smallness appeals to us, as does one non-shared bus stop etc...and for prep on why I need some feedback.

I know there is a lot of construction at Coronado and that it’s a pretty large resort. Looking for some thoughts on which area and/or building you might recommend. We are in a standard room, no preferred were available so I know that sort of changes the ball game a little in terms of what is open to us. Close to a bus stop would be great and add in a 10ish minute walk to quick service food area for easy access to coffee, food, etc would be a bonus. Thoughts on a direction we should hope for in terms of location? I understand the experience of Coronado won’t be like POFQ, but that’s ok-it’s good to experience new things at Disney.

Thanks much,

P.S. The we of this trip=my husband, two kids (youngest is 13), and myself. Throwing this out so you know we don’t have wee littles.


I really don't know what construction looks like there these days but we did stay at Coronado two years ago and requested quiet area close to bus stop and main building and we were very close to the bus stop and parking lot. We did have a bit of a hike to the main building, but it was much more peaceful than Pop, where my sister stayed and where we moved for a split stay and ended up with the cheerleaders. I really can't remember the name of our area but I wasn't initially too thrilled, but that was also because dd had a broken foot and was in a wc and the whole access was bad.


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One of my coworkers went to a cheer/dance event over thanksgiving last year and a lot of them stayed at Coronado and they had at least one catered event there as well. You may see if there’s a wayto check the events schedule at the hotel and you can see what areas to avoid.


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That would be frustrating since we moved to avoid. I looked but didn’t see anything on the calendar of events quite yet. Thanks for the tip, I’ll keep checking!