Costumes for Halloween at MK?


Someone in my office asked me about costume rules for MK on Halloween....I said "let me go to the only blog I read.... ". Anyone?


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For MNSSHP specifically? Or just the whole day?
For the party, there are no real rules, other than no weapons (obviously) and nothing that will impair your safety on the rides, or the safety of others.
During the day, I don't think they'd typically allow an adult dressed like a character you'd find in the parks (no impostors walking around). But other than just using common sense, I don't think there are any hard and fast "rules."

You may want see if your coworker has a specific idea in mind... and then we might be able to help in more detail.


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You can dress like a character, you just can't act like you're "the" character. So you can wear a Belle dress, but you wouldn't want to take pictures with guests, sign autographs, etc.

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Yep, I saw CM's have to crack down on the above. A guest was dressed up like Jack Sparrow and looked very authentic. He ran afoul when he started posing for pics with people. Staff stepped in and said something to him.


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One more thing to add - I am fairly certain that no masks are allowed (feel free to correct me if I am wrong about that). I don't think you can have your face covered.