Couple's Trip- Just stalking the HS band!


knows where she'll be at 8am on March 27th
Hi! It's been a few years since I've been here... we thought we had outgrown Disney! But DS's HS band is going in April so we get a bonus trip! :RpS_thumbsup:

DH said we could splurge on a studio villa at the Grand Floridian and it's all booked! We have never stayed there before.

I'm a bit out of practice on Disney planning, but that's OK because we want to do a lot of relaxing-- pool sitting, restaurant eating and drinking, and a little bit of band following, but not too much-- we aren't chaperones so we can do our own thing!

If anyone has suggestions for this trip, including restaurants and evening entertainment you've loved on couples trips, or the ins and outs of the Grand Floridian, I would love to hear them!

Sat April 4- put DS on the bus from Toledo then hop on a plane to MCO

Sun April 5 Band arrives in the am and visits Universal (We won't have a car but would like to visit UOR. Best way to get there?)

Mon April 6 Band visits EPCOT in afternoon/evening

Tues April 7 Band visits MK all day

Wed April 8 Band visits DHS then heads home

Thurs April 9 Flight home

Thank you!



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my husband and I did a couple / anniversary trip last fall - Totally different experience than with kids / teens along, and I can't wait to talk him into going again!

We were there for the Food and Wine festival, so most of our "special" stuff was around that. We did eat at Spice Road Table @ Epcot for the first time, and it will definitely be a "must do" if/when we go again

If you enjoy AK, I can HIGHLY recommend Wild Africa Trek. We did it our last trip w/ the boys and it was totally worth the money.

Enjoy your trip!


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We took a similar trip when my son's HS band went. But we had to bring our two younger kids. :-( j/k It was a different kind of trip. We pretty much used our three FP each day and didn't worry about much else. I also spent a fair bit of time arranging FPs for my son and his friends. They didn't get their tickets until a few days before the trip, and most of them had no idea what they were or how to use them. We had a blast!
I'd just use Uber or Lyft to go to Universal. We used Happy Limo in 2018, but we were schlepping luggage and going early in the morning, so it was worth it to us to pay extra to have things pre-arranged.
Have a great trip!


We love Epcot, so most of our favorites are there. We like to eat a quiet breakfast at the French bakery in the morning or we also really liked the morning tea at the Rose and Crown in England. You'll be there during Flower and Garden, so check out the topiaries, the different gardens, and the food booths. Tutto Gusto is a little wine cellar in Italy that's nice too. They should also have the Garden Rocks concerts in the evenings in Epcot.

For near Grand Floridian, we are planning on doing a monorail loop to get a snack and beverage at the different bars along the way on our next adults trip. Ones we really want to check out are the new Beauty and the Beast bar at the Grand Floridian and Trader Sams at the Poly.

Have fun!