CS recommendation between HS and Fantasia Gardens


this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
On arrival day, DD8 and I are planning on taking the bus from POR to HS and boating over to BW/Swalphin area for mini-golf (back-up plan is to hang at the resort). We may not be arriving at POR until close to 4pm, so figure we'll want to stop for CS somewhere along the way.

Any suggestions for nice, fun, relaxing, festive, good CS anywhere between HS and Fantasia Gardens? We'll most likely stop at Beaches and Cream for ice cream on the way back.




Seriously, there's not much. Pizza at the Boardwalk pizza window or something at the Bakery. Everything else is waitress service locations. That's often a complaint about the Rpcot resorts - lack of CS dining.

There are more places over at the Dolphin, including one that is cafeteria style I believe, but I have never been to them.

PS - are you aware that Beaches and Cream now takes ADRs? Just wanted to make sure you knew that. They still have a walk up line for cones.


I read your post to say your stopping at HS, does that not mean your going into the park?


If you weren't planning on going into the park , maybe just do the food court at POR? Im told its one of the best..


this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
Vicki, that's probably why I'm having trouble finding a place... there aren't any. Thanks for the ADR info, we'll just get cones and sit outside.

Dawn, we're not going into HS, just using it as a transition point, since bus from POR won't go to BW area. I wanted to avoid the POR CS since we'll be eating there a few times during the week. Thought I'd take the opportunity to try something new, since we'll be out.

I was thinking of maybe one of the outside/pool area places at one of the resorts. One of them looked interesting, just can't remember which. Eventhough pools are restricted, anyone can eat/sit there, right?


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I believe Josh did a post about Hurricane Hannah's at the BC pool area. It looked decent enough. The new bakery at Boardwalk also seems to have a few new sandwiches that looked okay. I don't think any of them will be fabulous, but they should be good. I was also looking for something in that area on our last trip and kept coming up short, but these were the 2 options I was leaning towards.


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Hanna's cut their menu down quite a bit unfortunately: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/beach-club-resort/hurricane-hanna-grill/menus/. I'm sure Janine would stick her nose up at that Lobster and Shrimp roll even though I thought it was pretty good!

I would stick with BoardWalk Bakery - pretty good sandwiches. Anything you order at the BoardWalk pool bar (if it's open) will be similar/same quality.

Beach Club Marketplace would have some flatbreads that wouldn't be at POR: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/beach-club-resort/beach-club-marketplace/menus/dinner/ if you venture that way. The pizza at the BoardWalk window is far from excellent, but it's food. There is another kiosk there that sells sandwiches, corn dogs, fries, and that sort of thing. Also not great in my experience, but you never know.