$ days!! First Timer


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This is my first time ever going to Disney, let alone Florida, and flying on an airplane. I have a few last minute questions. I am already about half packed. I am wondering what kind of shorts and shirts are best to wear? I already have a few pairs of very comfortable walking shoes. Also if you could give me any basic last minute Disney tips it would be nice. Staying at AS Movie. As of right now here are my plans day to day. Leaving the 22nd. I would like to keep my fastpasses kind of near each other or plan it out nicely so I don't have to walk all the way across the park for one ride. I am going to go to hotel to swim/nap during mid day besides one day for parade.
Saturday-Arriving to MCO at 11am, Going to hotel going to try to check in/swim/eat. Go to MK around 4-5 (EMH until 2am). Fastpasses * 6:35-Peter Pan * 7:55-Haunted Mansion(simply because it is near PP, welcome to change) *10:50-Big thunder MTN. Railroad. I plan on going to wishes this night.
Sunday-I am going to be tired because of traveling the previous day and the EMH so I plan on either going to MK at opening or going to Downtown Disney in the morning. Not sure. Fastpasses/Reservation 5:00-Space Mountain, 6:00-Buzz Lightyears, 7:15 BOG Dinner, 7:50 Enchanted Tales w/ Belle,
Monday-HS. EMH from 9:30-11. Fastpasses/shows/res 11:20 Little Mermaid (open to change nothing else seemed too good), 11:45-Beauty & the beast, 12:35-50s Prime lunch, 6:30 Indiana Jones, 6:50-Toy Story Mania ,8:10 TOT Then Fantasmic, no FP
Tuesday -Epcot, EMH 8-9AM. FP: 10:45-Spaceship Earth, 6:20-Soarin, 7:25-Mission Space, Illuminations at 9
Wed MK for the day FP/RES: 8am BOG ,10:30 Meet Cinderalla & Rapunzel, 12:35 PP Flight ,7:00 Mine Train
Thursday Animal Kingdom FP/Res 10 K. Safaris, 11:20-River Rapids, 12:40- Exp Everest, 7-Boma
Friday MK, last day, want to spend it at MK, Have a flight at 7pm. Fp/Res 9:20-Crystal Palace 10-Jungle Cruise, 11:30-Splash Mtn., 12:30-Big Thunder
Thank you for looking it over, please tell me if you recommend changing anything, thanks


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FP+ choices look intelligent. Park days aren't ideal for the most part but it's probably too late to do much about that and if you actually make the morning EMH or can stay through the end of evening EMH then you can do well. On the clothing front, get something breathable/moisture wicking.


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going to the parks on the days they have EMH is not recommended. If you'd like advice from this group you should check out Josh's Crowd Calendar and Cheat Sheets. That's what we all use to plan our trips.

but being that you're leaving in four days - the one thing I will say it that I think your 7:15 BOG and 7:50 ETWB are too close together and you'll may miss your ETWB so you might see if you can move that back.

you can find Josh's crowd calendar and cheat sheets on the main page here: http://www.easywdw.com/


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I changed it to 8:10, I have a full hour to do it so I should be good. I want to do it right after BOG when I am in the Beauty & the beast mind set


On the clothing issue, I don't usually wear cargo shorts elsewhere, but I do at parks so that I don't have to carry a bag, I put a credit card, drivers licence, phone, and a little cash in my pockets, so I don't carry a bag. I really don't even need most of that stuff since I wear a magic band though!