DestiNations World Showcase Tour


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Sorry if this not in the right place but I just wanted to share some info on this tour.

i called and booked mine this morning for Nov. The lady told me that it was a 5 hour walking tour around all 11 countries including backstage access to some of the pavilions. I couldn't get much info on which pavilion we get backstage access too but she did say you get up close and personal to the Eiffel Tower so France is one of the backstage areas.

It does include a meal in WS and she said it changes weekly. For my day it is Spice Road

Total price was $116.09 and she told me at least 5 times no cameras and phones had to stay in pocket. Hoping to see some great backstage magic


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So excited about this tour! When we wanted to do a WS tour all they had was the segway tour and it seemed a bit of an odd combination. Looking forward to hearing how it goes if you have time to post after the tour.


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There is a DIS podcast about this one if you're interested. One of them recently went on it. She said there were only two of them on the tour. I think they ate at Marrakesh.