DHS rope drop help


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I am headed to DHS Friday. With research, I have seen several options for DHS and getting in quickly. In your opinions or experiences, what is the best way to get to Hollywood Studios and get in as rope drops? I Would appreciate what times I should arrive to line up for for whatever you suggest. car, bus, etc...
I can drive, take the bus, Uber...
We are camping at Fort Wilderness.
Thanks in advance.:)


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Josh did a super long series of posts on this topic in late September, beginning here:

His recommendation was to make a breakfast reservation for Trattoria al Forno or for Ale & Compass, park at the resort, and then walk in. At that time, the parking lot was opening at 9:10, and the first buses were arriving around 9:20, and whether the gondolas got there before or after the parking lot opened varied by day. I think that would still be true because it's the opposite of Animal Kingdom - last park opening of the day - so the buses begin to arrive closer to park opening, vs. at Animal Kingdom the first buses are earlier than the parking lots.


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I've seen people recommending an uber/lyft to the speedway on lake buena vista drive also. From there you just walk the sidewalk across the street and then down a path that puts you on the walking path to DHS. That is an alternative if you don't want breakfast or to deal with parking at the Boardwalk Resort. You also don't have to worry about what time they open the parking lot at DHS. I think Josh may have referred to it as well in one of the posts mentioned above.

You can see it on Google maps if you take a look.