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Alrighty, we've got a trip planned for the first week of March. Originally, my mom and dad were going to join us first half, then hubby's mom, dad and brother the second half.

Hub's brother is special needs and autistic and his mom decided he would probably not enjoy the experience. (Which is probably true. He'd likely be ready to head home after the first half day. Home-home, not resort-home.) So, this opened up a space in the Treehouse at Saratoga where we are staying.

So now *my* brother can join us.

Problem is, I have 3 dining reservations already made for 6 people. One at Terralina, one at Beirgarten and one at Liberty Tree.

What are your experiences just showing up with 1 extra?

*****Edited to say I was able to make alternate reservations for Biergarten and Liberty Tree. Terralina should be able to accomodate us, I would think. *****
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When this happens for us I attempt both online and by phone to update the reservations... and I keep looking regularly until our trip to see if I can get the right party size. A few times we have not been able to. In those cases I have shown up early to check in for the reservation and explained politely to the host. So far we have never been turned away. Though we have waited longer than normal to be accommodated, which I think is fair since we are inconveniencing them a little. The few places this is probably not true are like royal table or anywhere you pre-pay. But most standard restaurants should be able to help.