Disney After Hours at MK


Trying to determine if we want to pay for Disney After Hours at MK. Is everything open or is it limited attractions? What can I count on NOT seeing?

I know there are some snack opportunities and I feel like Mickey bars alone will be $129 at the next price increase......


Josh's review gives loads of answers https://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/review-magic-kingdom-disney-after-hours-summer-2018-edition/

We did it July 2018. My kids (8 and 9 at the time) have EXTREMELY fond memories of it. As a family, we do much better in the mornings than evenings, so we really had to rest up mid-day in order to hang for that long, and we all felt like (happy) zombies by the end of the night. I also felt the pressure of the clock ticking and constantly thinking about how we were using our time (Constantly analyzing our travel patterns for efficiency, scoping out food vendors for short lines to minimize waits, worrying about getting onto our very favorite ride last thing at night) and wanting to squeeze every bit of ride time out of our $, so that felt like an added layer of stress. So - was it fun? YES! Was it relaxing? Not so much! Would we do it again - Maybe? We are most likely going to do it again in Feb 2020. We're doing a shorter trip this time, and the park hours are considerably shorter than the summer, so it feels like a good way to get in more bang for our trip, plus it's a little treat on the last night of the trip.


My daughter and I did it this past May. If you don't already have a ticket for the park, then spending the $119 each I think we spent was well worth it for us. We were touring Universal on this trip, and having the opportunity to spend 6-7 hours at Magic Kingdom, mostly to ourselves after 10 p.m., was great. We were exhausted by the end, and had ridden everything we wanted to ride, some rides multiple times. And we ate enough popcorn to last us for some time! I agree with AmyM above, you do find yourself obsessing about the time, and how much time each attraction will take, which can take away from the fun a bit.

I think most everything was open, or at least all of the rides that one would typically want to ride. Maybe things like the tree house weren't open. I believe there's a listing on the Disney website.


Ditto to this. FWIW, my sis and I went to AH in May as well and, oddly enough, the treehouse was open. It was empty and we went up as sort of a joke to get more "steps" in, but being able to have a leisurely nighttime view of MK was amazing. I clearly remember the Monster's Inc. Laugh floor and the Carousel of Progress being closed.
A big family would make this a really pricey splurge, but the lines are short and the park has a good vibe. From year to year the list of open rides has been about the same, so you could check to see if there is something closed that you couldn't live without.


Our family of 4 (2 teens, DH and I) did this at MK in 2018 and did the Villians version in 2019. We loved 2018 and liked 2019. In 2019, crowds were much larger but we loved the DJ.
The snack lines move very quickly, you can keep eating all night. The regular restaurants were not open, though.
I also felt a little pressure from the “ticking clock” as mentioned previously.
We always go in August, so a big part of this is touring the park without the sun beating down on us!
I will say that staying at MK until 1am was awesome but we really felt it the next day. In 2018, we got there too early (for us) and timed it wrong - because for the 3 party hours we didn’t want to take a break so it was go go go.
In 2019, we arrived later and planned a resort day the next day.
Lines weren’t an issue but Mine Train seemed “long” most of the night. We skipped it. Character greets were super short late. Not everything was open, but I’m sure there is a list. I know Monsters and COP were closed. I remember most rides being 5-10 minutes but I also remember having to walk the full queue (Little Mermaid!) which seemed silly and annoying.
It is very pricey, but our kids still talk about it. They really loved it.