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I didn't think I could feel more depressed about Disney as a company. And then I read this.

People have mentioned some phone CMs were outsourced. I didn't realize this was the reality of their working conditions.


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Arise, like Uber, isn’t so much disrupting anything so much as reinventing piecework.



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That is horrible on many levels.

As a side note, it shows why information from phone CMs is notoriously unreliable.


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I always thought I'd get fired the first day if I were a reservationist because I'd be constantly advising the callers about how to save money.

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This is so wrong:

"Some callers were creepy, Corder said. “Want to come do something?” she would hear. Agents across the industry interviewed by ProPublica said sexual harassment was a constant problem. Some corporations don’t allow agents to hang up without permission, no matter what the caller is saying. One young woman in Florida said the same man would call on Saturday nights to say: “I can hear your typing. I really like the way you type.” Another longtime agent said she couldn’t believe how many “perverted calls” she had to field on Sunday mornings. “They’d say: ‘What are you wearing? Are you naked? Can I do things to you?’ I figured they got a thrill from skipping church.”