Disney Frogs or Frogs in Disney

Good Morning!
We have a trip planned for this June. Under the current circumstances we have decided to switch up or standard trip for a trip that will be more centered around food and slowing down to look. With that being said I've created a Dole Whip to try as many flavors that we can.
But what I really need some help on is our scavenger hunt type activity for Disney Frogs. Bizarre yes! Fun and different Yes! I would like to created a list of all the frogs we can visit. Here's what I have so far:
And I know i can find Tiana-frog related stuff in the gift shops but is there a "non-moving" frog statue/painting thing anywhere with this storyline?

Magic Kingdom
Frogs in Small World
Mr Toad giving deed to Owl- Pooh Ride

There must be frogs in splash Mountain- Can anyone confirm?

Kermit -Muppet show
Constantine- Muppet Show


Animal Kingdom
Croaker Frog instrument in gift shop
Frog exhibit?

All ideas are welcome!


he's right
There must be frogs in splash Mountain- Can anyone confirm?
Br'er Frog!
Br'er Frog!
Yes I just went and goggled splash mountain frogs. There's a lot of him!! Yay! Thanks
Looks like there might be three frogs carved into the tree of life. That would be a fun one!
Surprisingly I forgot about that! Thanks for the reminder. Also if anyone is following along, there are frogs painted on the murals at Conservation Station in Animal Kingdom as well.