Disney Rewards Visa Card Perks


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If you mean the actual credit card, I doubt it. If you mean the redemption card, which is the card that you transfer your rewards dollars to so that you can use them, then yes, you can get that card at the parks.

To apply for the card you can go to www.disney.go.com/visa


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I meant the reward dollars/redemption card as I already have the credit card but I haven't gotten my first redemption card yet. Originally, I was planning on buying my son's ticket with the money but when they increased the fees I just bought it online at UT instead.


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It looks like they are only offering a $15 gift card after first purchase. I was planning on signing up but will wait to see if they offer more rewards at a later date!


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The CM at the Photo Shop where you pick up your photo from the Chase Visa meet and greet very carefully led us into the conclusion that if you are unhappy with the photo that is taken in the meet and greet, they will print you any photo from a photopass, since all that they get from you is a voucher and all they give Chase is a bill for one photo print. Haven't tried it yet, but will on our next Epcot day.

-edit- Also you need to use your Visa for the purchase to get the merchandise discount. I had thought it might work like the AP discount, but no.

It has been a few years since I was a PP CM, but that really only works with the CMs that don't care - and the ones that won't call a manager about it. Managers were always much more of a stickler for the rules. Also, replying to a few posts down - tip for retrieving the free photo - you don't have to do it that day at Epcot. You can do it at any kiosk, in any park, DTD, or maybe even at the resorts that have kiosks (although when I worked there only a few of them had the kiosks, and they were not 100% functioning - the way they cut down PP over the last few years, they may not be running them there at all). Many don't realize that, and get stuck in the long end of night lines. Also, that voucher is the one of the only things you can't do online for your self.


Have got an offer as a Cardmembers to save 10% every day on select purchases at Disney store locations. Pay for purchases with your Disney Visa Card or Disney Rewards Redemption Card, and mention your Cardmember savings perk at the register, to receive your savings in store.