Disney: "When we assume a contract, we don't have to honor the parts we don't like."


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Yeah I wonder if they feel the same way about copyright law if I buy one of their blu-rays and re-sell copies of it.


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So... maybe this is why Disney scrapped all the books after the main series, and is calling them no longer canon to the Star Wars Universe. They are trying to get people to stop buying them, so they no longer have to pay royalties on the original contracts? Inquiring minds want to know.

There are a bunch of Star Wars novels, and Lucas used to make sure all were vetted and if they gave the right to publish, those books were part of the Expanded Universe canon. The fans were in an uproar when Disney dumped them. I'm hoping the fans will be in an uproar if Disney is not paying any of those authors anymore. I knew Aaron Alston, and I know one of his beneficiaries. I'm going to go check in and see if there was an understanding about the royalties.