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Anne, Yellowstone Bears is in the documentary section and I am watching Perri right now. As for grouping, choose one and then look at what is suggested below it. I'm finding that works fairly well for finding similar titles.

We finally sat down and watched the Imagineering story for family movie night last night. Loved it! Afterward my 8 year old said "Now I really can't wait to get to Disney" (he's not been as excited about going next week. I think with APs this year we've gone so much it's not as exciting a build-up).

But it also makes me sad when I see the contrast to today. Sure it's a white-washed version of Walt Disney. Yes, he was still a businessman and interested in making a profit. But not to the exclusion of all else. The heart and the playfulness and the frontiersmen-like innovation of that Golden Age are gone.


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Gabler’s excellent biography will disabuse you of some of the Kind Old Uncle Walt nostalgia. (It is also excellent.)
But what if I don't want to be disabused ;-)

Looks interesting. I get that he was no saint. After reading that biography do you feel he was just as mercenary as the current regime, just better at hiding it? The glow of those who worked directly with him when they speak of him and his passion seems genuine.


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Here's an example: there is good evidence (not in Gabler's book, but rather in Fogelsong's equally excellent Married to the Mouse) that Walt knew that Epcot could never have permanent residents, and he knew it before he recorded the Florida Project film. The latter's promise of a modern city rethought from the ground up was key in convincing the Florida legislature to essentially let Disney's lawyers write the legislation that created Reedy Creek, Disney's very own private government.

So yeah, pretty darn mercenary.

That's not to say he didn't also believe that eventually there would be a city in some form. But, he knew that it couldn't contain permanent residents, because there was no way to prevent their ability to vote in RCID elections. There's a reason that, for example, all WDW hotel T&C fine print includes language acknowledging that staying in a WDW Resort room does not make you a resident.


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If you are relying on a Smart TV for streaming, it might be worth getting a separate streaming player. I have both apple TV and Roku; the latter are quite affordable.


(It was not trivial to buy a "dumb" TV when I had to replace one recently, but I am glad I did.)
I'm thinking of replacing the Samsung Smart TV that I bought for my daughter 3 years ago with a Roku TV like I have. She has an Xbox One and could use that for streaming but it may be better to just have a TV that handles that in case something happens with the Xbox.


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Our smart TV (2 year old Sony with Android TV) is working great for Disney+ app and 4k video... but I am stuck with only stereo sound not 5.1. Our much older Chromecast is not even 4k capable, but gets 5.1 Dolby Digital Plus perfectly.

Considering buying a Roku going forward.


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I (completely accidentally) used a different email address for my Disney+ account, so it is not linked to MDE.

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The World According to Jeff Goldblum. I liked the topic and stories (sneakers). I did not like Jeff Goldblum. "Hey, look at me! I'm quirky! I do things that are annoying in an attempt to be funny!"

Gordon Ramsey's show (watched the first episode) was good.