DME and Same-Day Flight Changes


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[Long boring story] and as a result Big Girl will be flying to WDW a day after the rest of the family. We rebooked her to a flight on that day and which arrives around 11:30 PM. We have a rental car, and plan to meet and pick her up at MCO. BUT , there is a solid chance she will be available to take an afternoon flight, and if the pattern holds (I'm seeing ample same day seat availability the last few days) she has a good chance of doing a same-day flight switch, in which case it might make sense for her to take DME.

My guess is that as long as I make a DME reservation for her based on any flight that day, she should be fine no matter what time she shows up, including if it is hours before her actual stated arrival. Is that correct?

Also, if I do make the DME reservation for a very late arrival flight, and if she does not show up to DME because we pick her up, will that cause problems because DME might hold such a late bus waiting for someone who never comes?


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I don't even think they check the time, just the day and the resort you are going to. She should be fine. The reservations are more just for Disney to try and plan ahead how many busses they need at what times, but they won't not let her on a bus because she is late.

Also, they don't hold buses for anyone, they could really care less if you show up or not, they have busses that run between this time and that time, and if you have a reservation that day they will let you get on one, but they aren't tracking to make sure everyone gets on a bus.